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I’ve broken up from Uni for Easter, and I am SO ready for a holiday. For the next two weeks, plans mainly include: sleeping, sleeping, spa day, sleeping. (Oh, and catching up on reading.) Can’t wait!

Muse Memories

After breaking up, I couldn’t face watching the news (it eventually becomes traumatising), so instead I watched an old Muse gig that was on TV the other night. It brought back so many good memories of when I went to see them in Manchester in 2010. I’d love to see them again, but travel and ticket costs together are extortionate! One day, though.


You know me by now, surely? I can’t just sit back and enjoy my holiday by doing nothing (just to contradict what I’ve said above.) So, I was thinking about maybe filming a little video for my YouTube channel about what I’ll be getting up to.

I enjoy filming videos, especially YouTube ones, as they’re easier than filming news packages. The only problem is that I don’t really lead an interesting life… We’ll see if I can make it happen though, eh?


Whenever I’ve had a deadline or an exam at Uni, I treat myself before and then afterwards. It’s a little (expensive) habit that I’ve got myself into since becoming a student again. Before, it’s normally a bubble bar or two from Lush. (I got myself Golden Egg and The Comforter this time round!)

It’s normally a MAC lipstick for afterwards. This time, as the stress was unreal for my TV portfolio (everything kept falling apart: technologically and journalistically) I’ve bought myself MAC lipstick in Dozen Carnations and also some sale goodies from Topshop… It’s a girl’s prerogative to treat herself every once in a while, right?


Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter!

Four Things
Four Things