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What’s put a smile on my face this week? Read on and find out!

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Desperate times call for drastic measures: I deleted Facebook off my phone! I really needed a break from social media, in particular Facebook. Delving into Messenger was becoming an obsession that I couldn’t even go minutes without doing. So, I just deleted it! Simple as.

Seriously, I’d recommend deleting the apps, if only for a temporary break from it. It’s really therapeutic to be away from it. I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before I cave and re-download both apps, but I’m relishing some time away from them for now.


The sun’s been out a bit this week. Even though it’s still freezing, because this is England after all, it’s nice to see bright sunshine instead of dark grey clouds! Puts you in a better mood, you know? (Well, slightly better mood.)

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Snap Happy

A huge perk of being off Uni is that I can venture out with my DSLR and get snapping away again! I find that Photography is such a therapeutic hobby. It’s just nice to focus on something other than stressful stuff like Uni work. (Because stress is a big, unavoidable, part of life right now.)

Almost Spa Time!

I’m off on a spa day on Monday with my friend, and I’m really excited! We’ve been planning it for weeks, if not months, and we’re both in desperate need of some pampering. I might write a blog post about our experience, if I’m not too busy unwinding that is…


What’s been good about your week? Comment below and tell me!

Four Things
Four Things