Katie, Where’ve You Been?

Why I've been a bit MIA lately.

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Lack of blogging guilt is something that’s pretty prominent in my life right now. I feel really awful for leaving my blog well alone for the past few months. It’s just been a little tricky to juggle everything, you know?

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What I’ve been up to…

In September, I went back to University to study Postgraduate Broadcast Journalism; and it’s been one of the most hectic things I’ve ever done. In fact, it is the most hectic thing I’ve ever done. There’s been no time to think, sleep properly, look after myself sufficiently, or even have a life.

The past few months have been a blur, to be honest. My entire life has consisted of long commutes, exams, essays, finding stories, ringing up potential interviewees, recording audio/video, editing clips, talking into a sponge or camera, and writing those stories up for our online audience on our course blog. It takes up a lot more time that you’d think. It’s not left a lot of time for anything else, not even a social life. (Not looking for sympathy though, I willingly signed up to do this.)

The end’s in sight now though. I’ve got a portfolio to assemble, one more story to put together, and an exam. In less than a month, I’ll be done. Once again back out into the wilderness, trying to fight my way into a job in broadcasting.

I just wanted to write a little post to explain where on earth I’ve been for the past few months. (Mainly Nottingham.) This blog’ll turn two this week, and the second year hasn’t really been brimming with new content. I’ve even neglected social media recently, especially Instagram. So, sorry about that!

When that final exam’s over, I’m hoping to find my blogging mojo and swing back into full force! Normal service will be resumed asap!

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Katie, Where’ve You Been?