Just a little note.

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Your body is not disgusting. Your body is incredible. It does remarkable things each day, most importantly: keeping you alive!

Your arms are not flabby and horrible. Your stomach might not be as flat as you’d like but that doesn’t detract from your worth.

So, you don’t have a thigh gap? Is it really the end of the world? You’ve got an incredible mind that’s capable of much more than worrying about the number of inches between your thighs.

Feeling content with your body isn’t always easy, is it? Sometimes it takes a lot of work to realise that you’re not as utterly repulsive as you might feel right now.

Just remember to give yourself a break; you’re lovelier than you give yourself credit for.

(This is just what I needed to hear right now. Hope it helped you too!)


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Weekly Snippet #3
The Weekend Edit: Your Body