50 Things That Make Me Feel Happy

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You know when you’ve had a bad day and you really need to focus on the positives? That’s what I’m going to do here by listing 50 things that make me feel happy. Hope you enjoy!

Good days. (Obviously!)
Listening to music.
Driving (to focus on something other than worrying.)
Cookie the Jack Russell.
Clive the Corsa.
My beloved DSLR.
All the rest of my camera kit.
Instant film. (There’s something magical about it, isn’t there?)
Going to the theatre.
The smell of freshly cut grass.
Petrichor (the smell of rain.)
The radio murmuring away in the background.
Sitting behind a radio mic.
Wandering through the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.
Making videos.
Taking photos.
Walking out of the MAC store with yet another lipstick…
Finding a fantastic book to get lost in.
Peace and quiet.
Watching old comedies that I loved as a kid.
The smell of mustard (a weird one, I know.)
The colours in Autumn.
Blossom on the trees in Spring.

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Lighter nights.
Curling up with a big mug of green tea.
Cappuccino. (It’s a daily requirement.)
Bubble baths.
Feeling clean and fresh.
Looking through old photos.
Not being ignored.
The progress I’ve made with this blog so far!
Cake. (Who doesn’t like cake?)
Pretty stationery.
Travelling on the train.
Good hair days.
Laughter with old friends.
Writing lists.
Putting the world to rights with some good friends. (You know who you are!)
Trips to London.
Having a schedule and routine.
This blog (and its fantastic readers, obviously.)

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments!

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