8 Beauty Mistakes I’m Guilty Of

Things that are probably going to come and bite me when I'm older.

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Here’s a list of some of the naughtiest beauty and skincare mistakes I make every now and again. (Because not even beauty bloggers are saints, y’know?)

Not Throwing Old Makeup Away

I’m cringing at the thought of some of my makeup being well past its best. Shamefully, my collection includes stuff that’s pushing a decade old. It’s begging for a clear out, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it yet. So, yes, I’m a makeup hoarder. (Side note: I’ve just looked for the oldest thing, and I discovered a mascara that’s about 7 years old. Ugh! Thankfully, haven’t used it for years though.)

Washing Hair Every Day

My hair’s always greasy by morning, and I hate dry shampoo. There’s only one I can just about tolerate, but even so, I’d rather wash my hair properly than spritz a bit of dry shampoo in it. I honestly prefer washing it properly, spending twenty minutes drying it, and five minutes straightening it, as opposed to going out feeling unclean. Yeah, I’m normally running late, and I could have an extra half an hour in bed, but that’s genuinely how much I hate not washing my hair properly. I know it’s not good for your hair, but I’m seriously grumpy if I’ve got greasy roots. (You can read my review of that dry shampoo here by the way!)

Rubbing Concealer In, Not Patting

This is probably why my eye bags are getting worse, isn’t it? Ahh well. Am I the only one that finds it harder to blend their concealer in properly (and quickly enough) by patting? I do the right thing by applying it in a triangle formation around my eye area though, so at least I’m doing something right.

Not Clearing The Makeup Bag Out

You know when blush/powder/eyeshadows spill everywhere and the inside of your makeup bag gets covered in powder? What’s the right thing to do in this situation? Clean your makeup bag, of course! What do I frequently do? Just leave it to cover everything else in there… Whoops.

Exfoliating Too much. (Sometimes.)

I freely admit that the exfoliant I use is probably too heavy-going for my skin, but with Keratosis Pilaris, it kinda needs it. And afterwards it feels SO GOOD to have smooth skin! I always buy a massive pot of face scrub for about a pound from Bodycare. I don’t even know the brand, but it lasts ages, and it does the job (if not a tad harshly sometimes). Other exfoliants I’ve found just haven’t been up to the scratch for me, sadly.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

I’ve just finished a course at Uni where I struggled through with three to four hours sleep most weeknights. How? I’ve literally no idea either, but it really didn’t do my skin any good. I remember looking in the mirror a few months back and realising just how awful my skin looked. Thank goodness for concealer. And coffee.

Nose Pore Strips

I know you shouldn’t. I know they’re controversial. I know they’re probably not good for your skin in the long run. BUT, who doesn’t love peeling one of those off their nose and peering at all the gunk that they’ve just pulled out of their pores? Gruesome, but so, so, satisfying.

Face Wipes

Ahh, the old face wipes. I know they’re bad for your skin, but when you’re really tired, it’s a better option than just leaving your makeup on, isn’t it? I don’t use them very often, so it’s not like I’m committing the biggest of skincare sins here. They’re just sometimes more convenient than standing over the sink washing your face properly. (Let’s face it: Who’s got time for that when they’re about to collapse into an exhausted heap?)

What are your biggest beauty mistakes?


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