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Salford Quays

Let’s have a catch-up, shall we? I unintentionally had a break from blogging last week, due to my 25th birthday and just generally being mega-busy. I did take a lot of photos though, so here’s what I got up to!

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Monday – Hair

On Monday, I had my first hair cut for 6 months! (I don’t know why I always leave it so long, but being so busy at Uni kind of got in the way, I guess.) I think you’ll agree from the photo above that I was long-overdue a hair cut. (That’s supposed to be my fringe!)

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Tuesday – Cake

On Tuesday I went to Derby with my friend, and we celebrated our upcoming birthdays together with a pre-birthday cake! We ventured up to Patisserie Valerie for the first time. My friend had a chocolate cake and I opted for a blueberry muffin. To be honest, I don’t think it’ll be that long before we’re back for more.

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Wednesday – My 25th Birthday in York

So, on Wednesday it was my 25th birthday! (Yeah, I’m old, I know.) To celebrate I went to York with my parents and we had the Lady Betty Afternoon Tea at Bettys York. I’ll be writing a full blog post about it soon, but let me tell you, it was perfect! An entire day didn’t seem long enough to explore the city, sadly, but I really enjoyed my time up there; despite the fact my feet were being battered by my poor choice of shoes. York was one of the four places on my Wanderlust post that I wanted to visit over the summer, so I’ve now managed to tick it off!

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Thursday – Catch up with family

On Thursday I went to visit my grandparents and had a lovely little catch up with them. It was also really lovely to fuss this furry guy above, who we had to leave on his own for a few hours on my birthday. (And we even had the audacity not to bring him any leftovers from Bettys. He really wasn’t impressed.)

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Friday – Coffee & yet more shopping.

On Friday, I met my friend Laura and we went for a drink at Muffin Break, before doing a bit of shopping. (In fact, that’s a lie, it was a lot of shopping.) I only went for a new pair of shoes but ended up coming away with two pairs of shoes (including iridescent trainers!!), numerous goodies from Kiko Milano and Primark, and some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I’ve never tried them before, but again, I don’t think it’ll be long before I’m back!

I even introduced Laura to the MAC store; and despite attempting to persuade her to buy a lipstick, she wouldn’t budge. (I wish I had the same amount of self-control in that shop.)

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Saturday – Manchester

On Saturday, my parents and I were booked into a tour around the BBC at MediaCityUK in Salford. The day ended up being a bit of a disaster, to be honest. We missed our train from Buxton by about 5 minutes because we got stuck in horrendous unexpected traffic on the way there, our tickets were mobile ones even though we didn’t know, so I had to download the app frantically before the next train arrived to retrieve our tickets. The train was rickety, and ended up being packed full of deafeningly loud hen and stag do parties, so it wasn’t the most pleasant of journeys. In the end we were too late for the tour so ended up missing it!

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Instead of going home, defeated, we ended up walking around MediaCity by ourselves and had a bit of an explore. Salford Quays looks beautiful in the sunshine so that definitely made the stressful day a bit better. The photo above is completely unedited; it really is that blue.

We even had a wander up to the entrance of the Coronation Street set! (That’s my mum, above.) Unfortunately, we couldn’t grace the cobbles and had to settle for a photo with the sign. After that, we wandered about a bit more, before having lunch at 4:30pm… We only just made the train home, and it was rickety and full of noisy people again. All in all, getting to Manchester and back is a bit of a nightmare from where I am. Having said that, Manchester was another one of the places I’d love to visit in my Wanderlust post, so that’s another one I’ve now ticked off!

(I even used the day to test out Instagram Stories, which I’m loving so far!)

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Sunday – And relax…

Sunday was comparatively quieter and more subdued than the rest of the week. All I did was venture up to Starbucks and back. After the busy week I’d had, it was a welcome change!


How was your week?


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