September: Reading List

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For something different, I thought I’d take you through a handful of the best blog posts and articles that I’ve stumbled across this month. Hope you enjoy it!

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Is It Even Possible To Make Money From Blogging Any More? – Forever Amber

A really insightful blog post into the struggles of trying to make a living from blogging. Click here to read it!

An Intro To Berry Lips – The Love Cats Inc

Nothing says Autumn like a gorgeous berry lip, does it? This blog post has got me going all heart-eye emoji over some seriously pretty shades. Read it here.

3 Purse-Friendly Makeup Palettes That You Need in Your Life – Tales of a Pale Face

If you’re like me, you’d love to buy more high-end makeup, but your budget just doesn’t stretch to it. This post’s got loads of really pretty palettes that are budget-friendly too. (Just look at the MUA one! It’s so pretty!) What’s not to love? Read it here.

3 Mantras To Live Life By – Thirteen Thoughts

We could all do with being a little bit more positive at times, couldn’t we? It’s that time of year where the weather’s on the turn, the nights are drawing in, which can leave you feeling a little bit demotivated and down. This is a lovely little post aimed at helping you to live your life more positively. Find it here.

 Why Our Generation’s Obsession With Hookup Culture Makes Me Want To Punch Myself in the Face – Thought Catalog

They’re not the only one… The title of this article is so self-explanatory, it really needs no introduction. Read it here.

What’ve you loved reading this month?



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September: Reading List