Reflecting On: Summer 2016

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Summer’s well and truly over now, isn’t it? So, to mourn, join me in reflecting what I got up to!

25th Birthday

This summer featured a pretty big birthday. Despite having a few panics about being five years away from thirty (trust me, I still struggle not to hyperventilate about that fact even now), it’s not been massively horrible. In all honesty, I feel no older than I did before.

To celebrate the big two-five, my parents and I went on a lovely trip to Betty’s in York for the Lady Betty Afternoon Tea (a full review is in the works, so keep your eyes peeled!) Other than that, it was a pretty quiet birthday, as I didn’t want much of a fuss. Betty’s was perfect, and being weighted on hand and foot by someone who brings loads of cake and tea was lovely! What more can a girl ask for?

Blog Birthday

Katie Writes turned two! It really doesn’t seem like five minutes ago since I tentatively pressed ‘publish’ on my first post. (If you’re curious, it was a foundation review. Read it hereGo on, knock yourselves out.)

Finishing Uni

I finished uni! For the second time. The run up to the end of the course was unbelievably hectic. In fact, the whole course was just hectic from start to finish. Learned loads though!

It’s hard to believe that the next cohort of MA/PGDip Broadcast Journalism students are just starting on their arduous journey to become the next generation of broadcast journos. Seems like only yesterday that that was me and my lovely coursemates!

All in all, being a postgraduate, and a ‘mature student’ (which is frankly rude, because I’m not that old!) was totally different to my undergraduate experience; and quite a lot harder too! It genuinely felt like I’d been swept up into a whirlwind.

Blog Redesign

This blog had a bit of an update, just like last summer, really! Finishing uni gave me more time to focus on blogging, so I felt like a subtle aesthetic change was a good idea. It needed freshening up to enable me to get those creative juices flowing again! I even (literally, yesterday) updated the logo/header. What do you reckon, guys?

BBC Placement

I ended up on a work experience placement at the BBC in Manchester from August to September. I don’t think I’m really allowed to go into much detail about it, as they make you sign a contract to say you won’t blab! But, it was great up there, and I’d love to go back and do some more work for them in the future! I even got to see a couple of famous faces, and sit in on a prestigious national radio show!

Weekly Snippets

This summer, I wanted to embrace YouTube a bit more, so I bought a new ‘vlogging’ camera and filmed a few new videos.

I decided to film a little series of weekly ‘vlogs’, that were basically my take on a traditional vlog, without the awkward bits of me talking to the camera in between. (Let’s face it, nobody wants to see that.) There’s now also a new video that’s a compilation of all of those Weekly Snippets, with a few extra bits thrown in. So if you want to see what I got up to, that video is on my YouTube Channel!


What did you get up to this summer?



Reflecting On: Summer 2016