October Goals!

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What’ve I got in the pipeline for this month?


Complete Blogtober


Hence this blog post! In case you’ve not read this post I’m going to be writing a blog post every single day this month. I’ve never, ever done anything like this. Publishing regularly isn’t something that I’ve been able to do of late, nor is it something that comes naturally, so wish me luck!


(We’re three days in and I’m doing alright. Just another 28 to go. No pressure!)


Start keeping a track of my finances


I’m terrible with money. Absolutely terrible. (It’s not an understatement, just ask my Mum.) I’ve invested in the Paperchase Blogger’s Journal, which has a finance section at the back. So, I’m going to start keeping track of the money I spend on this blog. (While the ‘earnings’ page will remain empty. Just saying. We’re not all as popular as Zoella.)


Hopefully keeping track of money in one area of life will lead to me being much more sensible, and generally not bankrupting myself anytime soon.


Try mindfulness again


My stress levels are rising again. (Nothing to do with Blogtober, guys. Don’t worry.) My shoulders and neck are constantly aching from all the tensing I do, and it’s probably worth giving mindfulness a try again. I’ve got several books on it, and even loads of podcasts on my iPod, but I just fell out of the habit of doing it. So, here’s to learning how to breathe and relax properly again!


Go to Bakewell


This was in my Summer Goals and I was all set to go in July with my friends. Except, on the day, it was raining. Torrentially. So we had to postpone, and it sadly never happened. Just because it’s Autumn doesn’t mean to say I can’t go and sample a Bakewell Pudding, does it?


Be braver


Always one to shy away a bit from scary stuff in life, I’m vowing to face my fears and get on with things. So, I’ll be saying ‘yes’ more.


Read more


I love reading, but have kind of fallen out of the habit of doing it over the past couple of months. After my 10 Books I’ve Been Loving Lately post, I’ve kind of stalled a bit, so I intend to release my inner bookworm again.


Embrace autumn


As I wrote in my Hello Autumn post, I’ve been feeling a little disheartened that summer’s over, which isn’t like me at all. So, I’m going to try and embrace Autumn by finding good in the season, and I’m even going to create a seasonal scrapbook. Watch this space.


Focus on relaxing


This summer was a bit crazy, and after it was all over, I fell ill for the first time in a couple of years. (In fact, I’m still ill.) I pretty much knew it was on the cards after a hectic year or so, and being constantly run down. So, I want to try and relax more, and focus on getting a proper work/blog/social media/life balance nailed.


Improve my photography skills


There’s nothing I love more than getting out and about with my lovely DSLR, but I haven’t really had the chance to do so lately. I love photography, but I know that there’s always plenty of room for improvement. So, whether that means I’ll be buying photography books, watching YouTube tutorials, or even enrolling in an evening class or two, I’m not sure!


Be tidier


Okay, confession time: I’m currently sat writing this in my room, which can only be described as a ‘tip’. No excuses, I’ve just been messy. No more. (My mum’ll be so proud.)

What’ve you got planned for this month?

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