10 Random Facts About Me

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Here are 10 little facts about me, because you’re all dying to know more about me, aren’t you? (Just pretend you are.)

1. I’m a quarter German.

2. Before I started this blog in 2014, I had an anonymous blog for several years.

3. I’m from the same town as a couple of Olympian champions, a Coronation Street actress, and a James Bond! (Oh, and a lifesize Fibreglass statue of Mr. Potato Head. Seriously.)

4. I passed my driving test with 1 minor. (Second time though. Still kicking myself 7 years later.)

5. My Starbucks cappuccino addiction is out of control.

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6. I love a good Geordie accent. (And Irish, because who doesn’t love an Irish accent?)

7. My car’s called Clive the Corsa!

8. I had braces for just under FOUR years! (From the age of 18 until I was nearly 23.)

9. My dog’s a little Jack Russell called Cookie! (He’s called that because he’s got brown spots on his legs that I thought looked like chocolate chips. Don’t judge me.)

10. One of my favourite things to do is wander about with my camera. It makes genuinely happy.

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10 Random Facts About Me