12 Observations On Blogging

What've I picked up about blogging over the past couple of years?

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What’ve I noticed about the blogging world over the past couple of years?

Inspired by this lovely post by Dorkface, I thought I’d share a few of my own thoughts and observations on the blogging world.

My observations about blogging…

1. There are LOADS of us! But there’s also room for all of us because the Internet’s an infinite space.

2. It shouldn’t be all about the numbers, but let’s not pretend that stats aren’t at all important.

3. There’s definitely a hierarchy of bloggers. Your place is often based on how hard you’ve worked on your blog, stats, DA, and how long you’ve been around. Small bloggers like me find it hard to get enough exposure and recognition, but that’s something you’ve got to deal with and get on with.

4. As a personal preference, I don’t like it when bloggers talk about a product (particularly fashion-wise) without posting about 10 photos of themselves posing that you’ve got to scroll through. (No offence.)

5. Sometimes a lucky blogging break is down to luck, but…

6. It’s mainly through sheer hard work and determination.

7. Reading other fantastic blogs inspires me to be better.

8. Feeling like you’re a bit of an outsider to the blogging community, and being on the fringes is hard, because it’s difficult to know how to make friends and better integrate yourself.

9. The community mainly consists of lovely, supportive people, but there is the odd careerist, who’ll be willing to trample on others to become popular.

10. We don’t need to treat each other like competition, even though we technically are. We can be friends because we’re all in this unfamiliar territory together.

11. There are so many fantastic bloggers out there who deserve way more recognition than they get.

12.  You end up gradually building a collection of various blog photo props, which includes: artificial flowers, cacti, paper, pieces of card, bits of cheap jewellery from Primark, and loads more! No shopping trip is complete without scouring every shop for the odd photo prop. (Or is that just me?)

Do you agree?


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12 Observations On Blogging