5 Small Ways To Improve Your Blog This Week

Some simple little tips to keep your blog ticking over...

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Here are five little easy tips to help your blog to stand out a little more this week!

Look for broken links

A broken link is one you’ve inserted into an old post that no longer works. If you’re on Blogger, like me, there’s no inbuilt broken link checker. It pays every now and again to pop over to a website like Broken Link Check just to ensure that your blog isn’t sending any of your readers to 404 error pages. It’s really quick and easy to do and improves your readers’ experience.

Improve your photography

There are some amazing bloggers out there, who’ve also got exceptional photography skills. A few of my faves are: From Roses, Kate La Vie, and The Makeup Directory. (Just look at their photos! SO pretty!) They’ve all written posts which have come in really useful for when I’m trying to improve my blog photography skills.

Add search descriptions to your posts

Adding search descriptions to your posts is really easy; it’s the box on the right under ‘search description’ under post settings in Blogger. Just add a description of whatever you’re talking about, before adding a few bits of extra detail about the post afterwards.

It’s what people will see under the title of the post on Google, and writing something engaging will make them more likely to click on your blog post, instead of someone else’s! In WordPress, it’s called ‘meta description’.

Write an editorial calendar

There are loads of ways that you can devise an editorial calendar. You can make one in iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Excel, or if you’re old school like me, there are loads of printables available out there for you to hand write your posts into. (Little tip: do it in pencil, just in case you fail to stick to it!)

Learn basic SEO skills

Improve your SEO skills by doing things like:

  • Changing your permalink (called ‘slug’ in WordPress) so that it fits what you’re talking about. It’ll improve how well your blog performs in search results. For example, the URL for this post is: ‘www.katiewrites.co.uk/2016/10/ways-to-improve-blog’
  • You can also improve your SEO by naming your photos appropriately, so if you’re writing a post called ‘October Favourites’, name your picture ‘October-Favourites’ when you save it. It’ll help it to come up in image search results.
  • Use subheadings in your posts, like I’ve done in this one. It helps search engines to rank your post more highly if they contain relevant keywords.

SEO is so complicated that I’m not sure that many people really fully understand it, but learning a few basic skills can really help your blog come along.

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