25 Things I Want To Achieve At 25

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I might well have turned 25 over two months ago, but here’s a list of everything I want to achieve over the next few months!

1. Worry less.

2. Hold my head up high.

3. Improve my photography skills.

4. Make more YouTube videos, and get better.

5. Explore my surroundings more, instead of being stuck behind my desk. (Life’s too short, after all.)

6. Get back into scriptwriting and playwriting.

7. Stop caring about people who don’t care about me.

8. Be unapologetic about who I am.

9. Offer courtesy to people who deserve it, and withdraw it from people who don’t.

10. Toughen up.

11. Tell it how it is more, instead of being too nice.

12. Learn when to say ‘no’.

13. Walk away from people who are only messing me about.

14. Let things go.

15. Be proud of all I’ve achieved in life so far.

16. Be more creative.

17. After how much I’ve enjoyed Blogtober so far: Continue blogging more!

18. Work through my massive reading list.

19. Find some great podcasts to listen to.

20. Get fitter. (I always say that though, don’t I?)

21. Work on caring less about what other people think.

22. Make the new side-blog I’ve started with friends a success!

23. Go to my first blogger meet-up/event!

24. Stop worrying about ageing quite so much.

25. Cook and bake more often! (And create my own selection of go-to staple dishes.)

What do you want to achieve over the next year?


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25 Things I Want To Achieve At 25