Sorry I’m the Annoying One With the Camera

In defence of being the enthusiastic photographer at every gathering...

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You know in every friendship group, there’s one friend that seems to take loads of photos at every social gathering? Yeah? In my friendship group, that’s me.

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So, to my friends: I’m sorry that I constantly stick a camera of some description in your face, whether it’s a DSLR, a Smart Camera, or just a simple phone camera. Sorry for making you take endless selfies with me, and making you pose for the dog filter on Snapchat. Sorry for all the horrifying face-swaps. Sorry that you feel I’m ‘documenting the cruel ageing process’ as time goes by; I’m only really doing it as proof we’ve all actually got a social life.

Sorry for filming our increasingly rare gatherings for my YouTube videos. Sorry I made you wait while I filmed a short clip of your cup of coffee and lunch, stopping you from just getting stuck in. Sorry for making you awkwardly pose for a few seconds to document that little snippet of our time together for years to come.

I am really sorry, it’s just I have this thing – this worry that if I don’t document the time we spend together in some way, we’ll forget it ever happened. It might not seem like a significant moment right now, but in years to come, the time we spent together will be important. Those memories will fade away without a reminder. I would’ve totally forgotten about the day that one of you said you’d never fancy Robert Pattinson because he’s got a face like a cheese triangle, without taking photos of the laughter on your faces afterwards. (Even though it’s so long ago, it was taken on my blurry Blackberry camera.)

I’d have forgotten about the time we went and sat with the ducks eating McFlurries, after I got stuck in the car in McDonald’s car park because I’d parked too close to the wall, without the photos with the ducks. I’d have forgotten about that time we got dragged to the pub by the boys to play snooker, without the photos of your hilariously disappointed and bored faces at the time. I know it’s annoying. I don’t want to be annoying, but it’s almost become an understanding now, hasn’t it? You bring yourselves, and I’ll bring my camera.

Sorry to be the annoying one with the camera, but I’m hoping you’ll thank me in years to come.

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