Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #1

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What’s put a smile on my face so far this week?

1. GBBO – I know it’s so sad, but I watched tonight’s final live in the car on a phone because I was out… But what’s more British than people getting excited about cakes? I really didn’t mind who won this year, because I liked all three of the finalists; but I’m happy for the person who did win. (And I deeply admire her extensive lipstick collection too. Let’s face it, who doesn’t?)

2. NYX Lip Lingerie – I picked one of these lovely liquid lipsticks up for the first time yesterday. So far, I’m really impressed! Expect me to write about it in a bit more detail soon!

3. Exciting new blog project – If you hadn’t seen it subtly popping up before, I’ve started a new joint blog with a handful of my friends. It’s taken me WEEKS to set up, and it’s been so stressful along the way, but I finally feel like it’s starting to fall into place. Things are starting to look and feel right ahead of the ‘official launch’ on 5th November. (A bit of content’s gradually trickling in, so have a nosy here.) It’s also lovely to read what my friends have been writing, and encouraging to see them getting into blogging too!

4. New books – As I mentioned briefly in my October Beauty Wish List post (read here) I bought Sali Hughes’s new book, and I love it so far! Again, expect me to talk about it in more detail soon! I even bought a book on Hygge, which I can’t wait to start putting into practise.

5. New Snapchat – I had to get a new phone, and so I decided it was a good time to get a new Snapchat account set up (my old username was very boring!) So, I’ve been enjoying Snapping away for the past couple of days. (Find me here, if you’re interested!)

6. You! – This week’s been really hectic so far, but I’m delighted to see my post from Sunday about being the annoying friend with a camera going down well with everyone! (Missed it? read here) It was literally strung together at the last minute, because the formatting in the post that was due to go up went haywire. I’m really humbled that everyone seemed to like it though!


What’s made you happy this week?

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Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #1