The Best Value Remedy For Sore & Tired Feet

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Boots Deep Moisturising Foot Cream. Bliss for tired feet, and a bargain at under a fiver.

When you’ve been on your feet all day, they often suffer; leaving your tootsies red raw and sore. This is one of the best foot creams that I’ve tried so far for feet in need of some serious TLC. The antiseptic cream contains mint, lavender and marshmallow. I know that’s potentially a bit of an odd mix, but trust me, it smells lovely.

You know in Boots that they often hide the best own-products on the bottom shelf, knowing that no-one will bother looking down? This is one of those products. I stumbled across this a few months ago, purely by chance. If I’d never bothered looking down, I’d never have found it. So, pro-shopper-tip, look down in Boots!

The best thing about it is definitely the price. A 100ml tub of this little gem only costs £3.99 and it lasts ages, even if you use it daily.

Boots Deep Moisturising Foot Cream, Review, Beauty, Katie Writes,Boots Deep Moisturising Foot Cream, Review, Beauty, Katie Writes,

The packaging itself might not be the most aesthetically-pleasing, and pretty basic, but it’s what’s inside that counts, isn’t it? What’s inside here is a great value, high quality foot cream.

It’s SO moisturising too. You only need the tiniest little blob of this to easily cover each foot. I normally apply it before bed, and when I wake up, my feet feel soothed, and so much softer too! It’s such a lifesaver if you’re prone to getting sore feet!

(You can find this gorgeous foot cream on Boots website for £3.99 by clicking here.)


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The Best Value Remedy For Sore & Tired Feet