The Week in Pictures #2

Hot choc, fireworks, and brown leaves: Autumn is well and truly here!

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Christmas drinks!

You know you’re getting much closer to Christmas when the coffee shop chains start serving their special Christmas menus, don’t you? My friend Laura and I went to Costa to treat ourselves to a hot chocolate. Laura had a toasted marshmallow hot chocolate, which has golden, sparkly mini marshmallows on top(!!) and I opted for an old fave: the lovely orange hot chocolate! After all, you can’t beat a lovely hot chocolate to warm you up on a cold autumnal day.

The River Gardens

After Costa, we went to the lovely River Gardens. I wrote a post about it this time last year too! (Read here.) It’s such a little haven in an otherwise busy town. It might have been freezing, and Graham the Swan might’ve become hissy and aggressive with me again, but I still love going there. (Yeah, I took A LOT of photos. The above ones are just a little selection of them!)

Bonfire Night

Last night was Bonfire Night, so there’ve been fireworks galore around town! I’m not the biggest fan of them, which you’ll have seen on Twitter, but for one night only, they’re quite pretty. (And I do enjoy taking photos of them, even if it is really difficult!)

What’ve you been up to this week?

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The Week in Pictures #2