5 Things To Do for Yourself This Week

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What five things can you do this week to feel better?

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Facebook Cull

Unfollow or delete annoying people on Facebook. We’ve all got people as ‘friends’ on FB that we honestly can’t stand. The incessant braggers? The ones that can’t go a day without constantly posting photos of their oh-so-exciting lives? And the ones who post statuses brimming with bad grammar? They can be irritating, can’t they? That’s life, but there is something you can do: If you can’t delete them, because you still see them in real life, just unfollow them. You’ll never have to see their status updates ever again! A decluttered timeline will make you feel much better, trust me.

Learn something new!

Download an app like Duolingo and learn a new language. Pick up an educational book. Enrol on a evening class. Whatever you want! You’ll feel better if you keep your mind active by learning new skills.

Try hygge out!

Hygge is the thing to be trying right now, with so many books about the Danish tradition currently around. After all, there’s nothing better than lighting a few candles, switching your phone off, and getting as cosy as possible, is there?

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Treat yourself to a new lipstick

I don’t need any excuse, the question is: do you? To me, there’s something so luxurious about a new lipstick. It feels like a proper treat. So, treat yourself! It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, it can be a £1.99 one or a £25 Chanel one, whatever you fancy!

Go to sleep a little earlier every night

Sleep is underrated. It’s so important, and yet we’re so busy leading busy lives, online 24/7, that we forget to wind down properly and enjoy some Zzzs. Put your phone down a couple of hours before bed. Relax properly. Take your time getting ready for bed, read a good book, and enjoy some extra time in the Land of Nod!


What else would you recommend?

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5 Things To Do for Yourself This Week