What I’m Grateful For This Week

Practising gratitude one blog post at a time...

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Hope you’ve all had a really lovely week so far! Here’s a little list of what I’m grateful for this week:

• The opportunity to take loads of photos.

• Friends who can tell when you’re feeling stressed & down, who go out of their way to bend over backwards for you, and even share their slice of cake with you.

• Finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit!

• Candles, blankets, and thick, woolly socks.

• A pile of new books to read.

• Bubble baths with Radox and a Lush Bubble Bar (because I really know how to go all-out and pamper myself!)

• This little space on the Internet to put all of my ramblings.

• Good coffee, and lots of it.

• Magazines, books, photographers and blogs who inspire me to be better on a daily basis.

• Some well-needed time away from social media.

• Golden hour.

• A few days without rain.

• Living so close to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

• A camera with a collection of lenses that makes everything look pretty with minimal effort from me.

• You lovely readers!

What are you grateful for this week?

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What I’m Grateful For This Week