Dear December,

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Pride and reflection.

Dear December,

You weren’t quite as hard on me as last month. You were the month I graduated in. Last time I graduated it snowed, so I appreciate the fact you didn’t rain or snow on us and our daft looking mortarboards.

December, for some reason, I wasn’t a social butterfly. (But when am I ever?) It’s difficult in the run up to Christmas, isn’t it? Everyone just has their mind on the big event, and what they’ve got to do to make it perfect for their loved ones. There’s little time to get everything done and have a good catch-up with everyone. Plans kept falling apart, but the introvert in me didn’t mind that much. It’s good to be a home bird, sometimes.

You absolutely flew by, December. From my graduation on the 9th to Christmas, it felt like minutes, not weeks. Now you’re over for another year, and we’re left pinching pennies and sucking our waistlines in. That’s until we all inevitably give up and stuff our faces with Dairy Milk anyway. Being good never lasts that long, does it?

Christmas was lovely. Genuinely lovely. I put myself under less pressure than last year. It was a relaxing day, with the radio murmuring away in the background, the fairy lights glistening, and the fire on. Dinner left me stuffed for hours, and I spent the evening nibbling on chocolates. What’s better than that?

Certain events have made me re-evaluate who I need to spent time and effort on. December, you gave me plenty of time to think (and worry) and that thinking enabled me to come to the conclusion that I can’t waste a second longer on toxic people. It really doesn’t do me any good, does it?

You’re always the time of the year when everyone reflects on what they’ve achieved over the past 12 months. And do you know what, December? I’m actually quite proud of what I achieved in 2016. Even though things might’ve gone a bit pear-shaped towards the end, I did pretty well to start with. Let’s not pretend that pride is normally a forthcoming characteristic of mine. So, I must’ve done well!

Here’s my video summary of December. Enjoy!

How was your month?

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Dear December,