Weekly Snapshots #1

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Bit of a boring post this week. All will be explained below!

Seeing as The Week In Pictures series went down quite well with you guys, I thought I’d continue doing it this year. Call me ambitious, but I’m going to attempt to do one of these posts every week in 2017!

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I’ve been a bit ill this week with sinusitis. So the blogging schedule that I was really excited about implementing went completely out of the window! Whoops. It’s been frustrating because I’ve not been able to carry that new year enthusiasm into 2017 for very long at all! I’ve had a bad headache for 6 days out of the past 8, and staring at a computer screen hasn’t been easy at all.

So, sorry that you’re yet to see what I’d got planned! I’ve basically spent the new year so far at home, feeling a bit sorry for myself. Hence why there are no photos taken outside in this post! In my defence, I’ve felt like my eyeballs & head have been about to explode, with cold symptoms on top. Lovely.

At least I’ve got Cookie and my new Roberts Radio on my desk to keep me company!
(I still haven’t taken the plastic off it yet, because it’s gold plated and I’m terrified of scratching it!)

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Clear out

As you can see, my desk is a proper mess… I’m in the process of having a HUGE clear out. Now’s the best time, isn’t it? So, I’m really enjoying decluttering everything and having a bit more space!


On Friday, my new YouTube video went up! (Watch here.) It’s full of stuff I got up to in December, including graduation and Christmas. I really enjoyed making it, and it’s something I want to continue doing throughout 2017.

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Christmas is officially over

We took the decorations down this week. It’s all over for another year. I don’t know about you, but the festive season just flew for me? I’m still in shock that it’s all over.

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There’s something magical about printed photos, isn’t there? I really love to print my photos off and look back at them. You know how much I love to stick my camera in people’s faces, so I’ve got plenty of material to work with! I really want to try scrapbooking this year, because it seems such a shame to have all these photos strewn across the house with nowhere to show them off.

That’s Cookie when he was a puppy, by the way! How cute was he?!

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One Line A Day

It was a good post week this week! Three new books arrived, including the One Line A Day five year diary. (As you can see in the first pic!) It arrived on Friday, and I can’t wait to start filling it in! I’m just going to gloss over the fact that I’ll be THIRTY by the time it’s finished though. 

Hopefully, next week’s post will be a bit more interesting!

How’s your week been?

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Dear December,
Weekly Snapshots #1