30 Disgusting Things I Found On My New Year’s Clear Out

Yeah, I'm about to plummet in your estimations.

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My name’s Katie, and I might be a hoarder.

You know I mentioned in my Weekly Snapshots #1 post that I’m in the process of having a HUGE clear out? I’m literally throwing anything and everything away in a quest to have a Pinterest-worthy room. It’s worth noting that I’m a ridiculously clean person, but tidy? Nope. I’ve been far too rubbish at throwing stuff out for years. (Rubbish, get it? Ha!)

So, I thought I’d share some of the pretty gross stuff I found tucked away in drawers and my desk etc. I’m pretty terrible at tucking items away in drawers, never to be seen again. As you’re about to find out…

• A Boots voucher from March 2014.

• Four magazines from 2015.

• Three empty bottles of serum.

• Half a ripped page of a script from a play that I starred in during my second year of uni. (SIX years ago!)

• Instructions from the guitar tuner I had when I was a teenager.

• Notes for a blog post that went out in 2014.

• A train ticket to Leicester from 2015.

• A handbag that I bought months ago and haven’t used yet. (It’s still got the tags on!)

• Some windchimes.

• A train ticket to East Midlands Parkway from 2013!

• Two packets of tights.

• A Pets At Home leaflet on how to care for your degus. (I don’t have any degus. Nor have I ever.)

• A train seat reservation from a trip to Leicester in 2013.

• A Waitrose Weekend magazine from 2013.

• The shoes I wore to my year 11 prom (which was nearly a decade ago…)

• The Tinkerbell pencil case I used throughout sixth form.

• A train ticket to Newcastle from 2011!

• A copy of The Guardian from 2015.

• A bottle of Olay moisturiser that I must’ve bought ages ago, still in the box. Win.

• A bracelet that I bought from ASOS when I was in sixth form. Again, still in the box.

• Info from a car dealer from January 2015 about a car that I didn’t end up buying.

• A phone case. For my old phone.

• The uniform I wore when I used to volunteer at my local hospital. I left in 2012.

• A bandage.

• Loads of books that I’d totally forgotten about after buying them around three years ago. (Pictured above.)

• A copy of what’s probably my favourite play (4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane) that I thought I’d lost!

• A certificate I got in year 6. (It was for making my classmates laugh, if you’re interested.)

• A Smash Hits magazine collection of postcards of boybands I don’t recognise. While looking through them I discovered I’d even written on the back of one of them at the time: ‘No idea who they are’! So they can’t have been that popular, can they?

• My diary from 2004!

• Dust. A fair bit of dust too. Yuck.

A.) I’m genuinely really ashamed of myself, and… B.) You’re never gonna read this blog again are you?

Do you do the same? Or are you a neat freak? 

Also, what’s the grossest thing you’ve found tucked away in your drawers? (Dare I ask that question?)

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30 Disgusting Things I Found On My New Year’s Clear Out