I Finally Made It To H&M Home!

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I finally made it to H&M Home!

I’ve spent months dribbling at the pretty wares on offer at H&M Home on Pinterest, but sadly have no store near me. On Tuesday my luck finally changed, when I stumbled across a one by chance!

I was in Wolverhampton for a job interview, and had some time to kill before my train home. So, what did I do? Went shopping of course! What else… You know me well enough by now, right? And lo and behold, there was a store in the Mander Centre.

The only downside? I could only buy what I could physically carry across the city centre and on two trains home. Shame, that.

It is literally a place where Pinterest dreams are made of. (And if you’re a pineapple fan, you should definitely get down there ASAP!) So, without further ado, here are some more pictures:

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Have you ever been to H&M Home?

Let’s Have A Catch-Up, Shall We?
I Finally Made It To H&M Home!