Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #4

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Happy Sunday! (That’s a saying, right?)

In the week that my camera, computer and (already volatile) phone all decided to break, there’s been a lot to be stressed about, and very little to feel that happy about. Mainly because I’m facing some HUGE bills to get everything fixed. (And it’s all going to make blogging really difficult over the next few weeks!)

But, let’s look on the bright side, shall we? Here are a few things that have perked me up this week:

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• Blossom on the trees: I spent a good 20 minutes yesterday morning out in the garden just snapping different photos of blossom on the trees, just because it’s so gorgeous (and also because my camera’s probably going off next week for repair for a month!)

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• Going analogue: I found a bargain last week – an old film camera (the Canon EOS 500) for £10! It arrived on Tuesday, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with using an SLR, as I’ve only ever used a DSLR! I’m also really looking forward to seeing how my photos come out when I get them developed.

Cookie The Jack Russell, Cookie, Dog, Lancashire Heeler Jack Russell Cross, Katie Writes,
‘We going for my walk, or what?’

• Cookie: This guy always knows how to cheer me up, usually with a paw on my hand or some fuss.

• Warmth: This weekend’s supposed the hottest weekend of the year so far (which isn’t hard, if we’re honest) but it’s a lovely reminder that summer’s on the way!

• Pinterest: I’ve really been getting into Pinterest this week. I’m re-decorating my room soon, so it’s been great to gaze at some of the beautiful rooms on there for inspiration, and then drool at them. Obviously. (Find me here if you’re interested in pretty home decor too!)

What’s put a smile on your face this week?

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