The Decor Diaries: Part One

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I had a HUGE clear out in January. (Read that post here!) And if I’m totally honest with you, my room was in such an awful state, that I’m still clearing out bits and bobs every few weeks.

Seeing as I’m redecorating and partially refurnishing my room, I thought I’d show you the whole journey. Hence, ‘The Decor Diaries’. Bit cheesy, I know, but you know how much I love alliteration!

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Some background info…

A bit of background: My room hasn’t been decorated since it was built in 2002. It was an extension to the house after I outgrew my old bedroom, and I’m still pretty grateful that my parents were kind enough to build me such a massive room, because I have a canny knack of accumulating stuff and filling every single space I inhabit.

Right now, the walls are blue and lilac. Two of each. The ceiling still has segments of glow in the dark paint on there from when I was a kid. (My dad painted different words and pictures of stuff I liked, to make me feel less scared of the dark when I was little! It’s all still on the ceiling, even though I’m now indifferent towards Smart Cars and stopped tap dancing ages ago.)

The paintwork’s stained. It looks horribly dirty and yucky after fifteen years on the walls. Let’s face it, redecorating is long overdue. The purple Bang On The Door Groovy Chick curtains (no, really) are the same ones I had when I was a kid, and the skirting boards are also lilac too. The only part I’m intent on keeping the same is the floor. I love charm of the original floorboards, and they often appear in the background of my Instagram photos!

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What’s the progress so far?

• I’ve become a tad addicted to Pinterest lately. (Find my boards here!) Thanks to Pinterest, I’m obsessed with white walls, and rose gold, mint green and copper dotted about everywhere.

• I’ve already picked up a few accessories, mainly copper coloured ones, to pop around the place once it’s finished.

• As you can see from one of the above photos, the white paint is already partially on the walls. It’s taking quite a lot of doing to cover the previous paint though, so it’s going to take several coats.

• There’s still loads of my crap everywhere, but I’m taking great pleasure in sorting through what I don’t need anymore and throwing stuff away.

It’s got the potential to become such a light and airy space, especially because there are two windows; one at each end of the room. All in all, I’m really excited to see it being transformed!

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