July Goals!

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A July to-do list.


1. Explore more! There are loads of places that I’ve been wanting to visit for ages, like: Buxton, Bakewell, and Sheffield Botanical Gardens. (As well as places I’ve been itching to revisit like the Emma Bridgewater Factory.) So, I’m planning on ticking some of these places off my travel wish list this month.

2. Social Media. I’ve been a bit of an ostrich, social media wise, so far this year. I should probably pull my head out of the sand and start being more sociable online again now.

3. Budget properly. To say I’ve been AWFUL with money recently would be an understatement. Since April I’ve bought: a new (pro-level) DSLR, phone, radio, Dyson hoover, and numerous other bits and bobs. This month I could definitely do with reining my spending in, so I don’t end up bankrupting myself before I reach 26. (Which is next month, by the way.)

4. Continue with ‘The Decor Diaries’. I’ve been re-decorating my room for weeks now, and progress halted a while back because I’ve had a horrendous cold (that still won’t get the message & go away!) In the meantime, I’ve been picking up a few accessories and pieces of furniture here and there, and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling again this July. (And also write about developments on here with my Decor Diaries series too!)

What’ve you got planned this month?


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July Goals!