The June Happy List

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Small joys in June.

Seeing as I haven’t been doing weekly roundups of what’s been making me happy lately, I thought I’d put together a little monthly list instead:

• A trip to the seaside. Even if it did drizzle.

•The sound of the mesmerising waves crashing onto the beach.

• Warmth. Sunshine. Blue skies.

• Getting back behind the wheel after taking a break from driving.

• Feeling excited at the prospect of transforming my room into a brighter, calmer space.

• Buying a new phone. (One that actually works!)

• Experimenting with my new camera more.

• Collecting houseplants to scatter around my room.

• Sorting, and decluttering. (Leading to me finding nostalgic bits and bobs from my childhood.)

• Getting a new radio that allows me to listen to any radio station in the world!

• Rediscovering some fantastic blogs that I used to love reading.

• Jumping on a train to go somewhere new and interesting.

• Slowly starting to get my blogging inspiration back.

What’s put a smile on your face recently?


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