Let’s Have A Little Catch Up!

Sun, sea and afternoon tea!

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Seeing as it’s a couple of weeks since I wrote a proper blog post, I thought I’d give you a little photo diary post! Enjoy!

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Going back to June, on the hottest day of the year, we went to Skegness for the day. It was a really nice change of scenery that gave us all a welcome break from home. We wandered across the beach, ate fish and chips, and took in heaps of fresh sea air. Bliss.

I’ve got a selection of pictures in a special Skeggy post that’s been sitting in the drafts for quite a while. It’ll be published soon, promise!


As proof that you don’t have to venture far to get snapping, I took these photos in my back garden. One of the things I love most about summer is that I can regularly pop outside for ten minutes to enjoy the good weather and all the pretty blooms.

Golden Hour Meets Alport Heights

The other week I drove up to Alport Heights, one of my favourite places, to take photos with my new(ish) DSLR. It’s so beautiful up there, and I totally took advantage of a (rare) sunny day by snapping some sunset photos in golden hour. I’m hoping to get a full post with some of the pics on here soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Derby’s Weeping Window

In July, we had the beautiful weeping window display at Derby Silk Mill. It’s so magnificent, that I honestly don’t think my pictures do it justice.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s an art display by a local artist called Paul Cummins, to commemorate fallen soldiers from the First World War.

Health Kick

A couple of months ago, I changed my diet slightly, by cutting out some unhealthy foods. I’ve really noticed the benefit to my skin, as my acne has died right down. I also feel better for it too!

(Of course, I’ve had to demonstrate it in the most ‘blogger’ way possible… with avocado on toast.)

A New Desk

FINALLY, my new desk is up! Here’s a sneak peek of a post that’s going to be all about my new desk. (Trust me, I’m going to try and make it more interesting than it sounds…) 

Drastic* Hair Chop

After having longer hair for AGES, I decided to have several inches of my locks lopped off.

I went to the fantastic Harper’s Salon in Belper, as they’re really welcoming and friendly there. It took under an hour to chop several inches of hair off, including a wash, blow dry and straightening too. And the best part? It only cost ¬£35!

*It’s not quite as drastic as the WORST haircut I ever had. (Which, FYI, was the asymmetrical bob when I was a teen. It looked so bad that even my hairdresser admitted it was a terrible mistake.)

The Book Cafe

Last week, I popped back to this gorgeous cafe in Derby. I mean, just look at that decor! With Blondie on the stereo, the sun shining through the windows behind me, nowhere to be, and a steaming cappuccino in front of me, I felt so content. Y’know, one of those rare ‘life is good’ moments. Cheesy, I know, but I couldn’t resist sharing.


It’s my birthday on Thursday! So, I’m going back to York with my parents for afternoon tea at Bettys. Can’t wait! (Here are some photos I snapped on our trip there last year.)

Oh, and here’s a random picture of Cookie. Just because.

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Let’s Have A Little Catch Up!