Oops. It’s been a while again, hasn’t it? Well, longer than I intended, anyway.

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Last month, I turned 26, and I had heaps of blog content planned for around that time. But, on my birthday itself, I started to feel a bit iffy. The day after, I fell ill, and it really knocked me off my feet. So, everything went out of the window, including blogging.

Since then, I’ve gradually been getting better, although I’m still not quite there yet. I’ve had a bad case of cabin fever, have watched heaps of Netflix shows, and lost count of the number of Buzzfeed quizzes I’ve done recently. But, I thought I’d share four good things about the past four weeks, because why not look on the bright side?

• Getting better. Gradually.

• Having chance to catch up with TV programmes, get through my reading list a bit, and binge-watch boxsets on Netflix for the first time in months. (I’m really into Line of Duty at the moment. Have you seen it? It’s amazing!)

• Getting The Weekend Edition ready for relaunch. (Being ill has finally given me time to come up with new ideas, as well as totally redesigning the site. Who says that being ill means you have to be unproductive?)

• Spending one Saturday night/Sunday morning in a field doing something slightly different. More will be revealed very soon. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t dogging or anything.)

(Little side note: Please bear with me if you’re awaiting some kind of reply from me, because I haven’t blogged, and have barely looked at my phone or social media, for weeks. There’s a huge backlog demanding my attention, which I’m acutely aware of, but I haven’t had chance to start wading through it yet!)

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