Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #10

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To ease us into a new week gently, and because I’ve not done one of these posts for AGES, here’s a little list of what’s made me happy over the past week. Enjoy!


A Saturday Morning Bath Brimming With Bubbles


There’s nothing quite like a quiet, slow Saturday morning, is there? I don’t care if I’m technically a ‘proper adult’, the big kid in me still finds sheer unadulterated joy in bubble baths; so I crumbled up parts of three different Lush bubble bars to get loads of bubbles!

It was blissful to listen to the rain pitter pattering against the bathroom window, as the bubbles and a good book melted my troubles away.



For the first time in ages, I ran. It was short-lived, and I’ve been hobbling about for days with shin splints, because I was too stupid to warm up, but I ran. And it felt so good.


Trying Out Nightlife Street Photography (From a Moving Car.)


I’m quite interested in trying different disciplines of photography right now. I’ve never really done much street photography, but there’s something about snapping scenes at night, when everyone’s out enjoying themselves, that you’re able to take photos that really tell some stories.


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Going to IKEA


Amazingly, I spent less than a tenner in IKEA. Even more amazingly, I was on my own, so had no-one to restrain me and snatch my debit card from me to stop me doing any damage… I did spend nearly all of that money on candles though. (Is it just me that can’t resist leaving IKEA without a ridiculous amount of candles?)


Foraging for Cheap Makeup in TK Maxx


My eyes lit up as I saw the delights before me in TK Maxx the other day: High end makeup at high street prices.


I picked up some Too Faced Melted lipstick for £4.99. Seriously… Sadly, someone had opened it and used it though, so I’ve got to take it back… but that’s a pretty good excuse to see what else they’ve got to offer! They’d even got Smashbox, NARS, and YSL, among many more. All for under £20!




I’ve been reading How To Be A Grown Up by Daisy Buchanan lately. If you’ve not picked it up, give it a read! I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far.

What’s made you happy recently?

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Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #10