Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #11

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To be brutally honest, the past seven days haven’t made for the best of weeks. For a lot of it, I’ve been the opposite of happy, but it looks like things are hopefully on the up. (I hope!)

So, looking on the bright side, here’s what’s put a smile on my face this week:

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  • BLOG REDESIGN / Have you spotted that everything looks a bit different around these parts now? This week, the lovely Phil at Pipdig moved this blog over from Blogger to WordPress for me. And I had a little theme redesign thrown in too, which I adore! I’m really happy with how everything all looks now.
  • GETTING ARTSY / My lovely parents bought me some artsy stuff this week, like a sketchpad and some watercolours. I used to love being creative and artistic when I was younger (even though I was rubbish at it!) So, I’ve been relishing getting back into it again. (Even though I’ll undoubtedly still lack any artistic skills… but who really cares?)
  • EXCITING TIMES ARE COMING / Towards the end of the week, I received not one, but two very exciting invitations! Mum’s the word for now, but I’m sure you’ll be amongst the first to find out about it all once I can blab! (Yes, we did celebrate with prosecco and cupcakes – is there any better way of celebrating?)
  • THE BEST MUG / After weeks of scrolling past the prettiest mug that kept catching my eye on ASOS, and convincing myself I didn’t need yet another one, I finally caved and bought it. It’s iridescent! Just look at it! (Expect to see if popping up as a blog photo prop very soon!)
  • RADIO 1 VINTAGE / Did you know that I’m a bit of a broadcasting nerd? (I’m even a trained Broadcast Journalist, if you didn’t already know) And, this weekend, Radio 1 turned 50! To celebrate, the BBC have made a little pop-up radio station called Radio 1 Vintage. Being a radio geek, I’ve been eagerly tuning in!
  • INSTAGRAM STORIES / Yes, I know I am the worst blogger ever at Instagram – but I’m gradually getting back into the swing of things – using Stories is great as a gentle reintroduction into the app. I even prefer it over Snapchat now, which I didn’t think would ever happen! (You can follow me here, if you want, by the way!)


What’s put a smile on your face this week?

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