October Goals!

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What’s on my to-do list this October?

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October Goals:

Blog more!

Yeah, I know I say this literally EVERY month, but maybe I mean it this time… If you hadn’t already noticed, the blog has had a bit of a shiny new makeover, and I’ve also moved from Blogger to WordPress too. A big move, but it should make my blogging life a tad easier, hence I might actually be able to blog more!

Watch this space, it might happen, you never know. Stranger things have happened.


Cram in loads of days out before the clocks go back

I’m not the biggest fan of all the darkness that this time of year brings. There were so many places I wanted to go over the summer, only to miss out, for one reason for another. I’m itching to tick at least a few of them off my list before it starts getting dark really early.

(As a little side note, I really hate the day when the clocks go back. (29th October, FYI.) So, I’ve ordered a bunch of flowers from Bloom & Wild to be delivered the day before, so I can inject a bit of colour into my room before the extra darkness hits.)


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Spend. Less. Money.

You know how I said recently I should probably spend less money to avoid bankrupting myself? You’ll be pleased to know that hasn’t happened. But frugal I have not been. September was a tough month, and one of my ways of dealing with a rough patch is to waste money on stuff I don’t even need. Well, I am a Millennial, after all. (What is life without cappuccinos and avocado on toast?)

But I mean it this time. I am serious. It’s getting so serious, I’m thinking of forcing my family to stage an intervention, and take my debit card away until I can be trusted with it once again.


Stop Worrying

This is easier said than done for the world’s biggest worrier, but it goes without saying that we could all do with a little less worry in our lives, couldn’t we? I’m going to try mindfulness again, as well as creating a nice little cosy space in my room (Not a den. Honest.) to help me to wind down.


What’ve you got planned this month?

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