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50 Blog Post Ideas!

It’s October, which means it’s also Blogtober! Even though I won’t be doing it again this year, I thought I’d share some ideas with those of you who are taking part!

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50 Blog Post Ideas:

Talk us through your current everyday makeup routine

Show us a day in your life

Share your week in pictures

Go through your current skincare routine

Compile a list of monthly favourites

How do you write your blog posts? Share your blogging process with us

Tell us how you take and edit your blog photos

Compile list of random facts about you

Give some advice to your readers

Share a list of things that have made you happy recently

Write a list of things that life has taught you recently

Talk about an experience/journey that you’d like to share: mental health, bullying etc.

Tell us what your monthly goals are

Share a list of things you’re looking forward to (and why)

Compile a travel wish list

Talk us through your bucket list

Review a product

Talk about your pets, if you have any!

Share your pamper/self-care routine

What apps do you use for blogging? Tell us why they’re so great!

How you edit your Instagram photos? Talk us through it

Why did you start blogging? Tell us your reasons

List your favourite bloggers, and what makes them so fantastic

Do a roundup of your recent favourite blog posts and articles to read

Share your fitness routine
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Tell us about the new products you’ve added to your makeup bag recently

Share your advice for new bloggers

Talk about something you failed at, and what you learned from it

Tell us about your job, or what you want to be when you’re older

Do a restaurant/café review

Share your favourite recipe

Talk us through your camera kit

Compile a wish list

Write a list of things that make you happy

Write a list of things that annoy you

Tell us what scares you in life

Explain why you wear makeup (or why you don’t!)

Write a letter to someone (it doesn’t have to be addressed to them, it can be anonymous, like this one!)

Pen a letter to your younger self

Put together a list of disappointing products

Share your thoughts on cruelty-free beauty

Spill what makeup and skincare mistakes you made when you were younger

Talk us through your hair care routine

Compile a reading list or talk about a book you’ve loved recently

Enthuse over your all-time favourite book/TV show/radio show/podcast/YouTube channel – and explain why you love it so much

Compare Blogger and WordPress – Tell us which platform you use, and why you prefer it

Write about interiors – talk us through the décor in your house/room

Share your tips for dealing with school/college/uni

Tell us about a brilliant place you love to visit, explain why you love it – and share loads of pictures of it!

Write a list of blog post ideas 😉

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Do you have any ideas to add to the list? Pop them in the comments!

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