October: The Month in Review

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October was a bit of a hectic one for me. I’ve just finished another fantastic (but busy) BBC work placement.

I’ve had the chance to travel across my region a little bit more, been privileged enough to explore places that’d otherwise be off-limits, and met some really lovely people. Generally, October absolutely flew by! So, here’s a little round-up!

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Four Good Things:

Work placement

I recently finished a fantastic work placement with BBC East Midlands Today. It was hectic, but I enjoyed it so much!

Everyone there was lovely, and I felt humbled to be allowed into places I wouldn’t have ordinarily been allowed into, such as: Rainbows Children’s Hospice, a steam train carriage, a dog rehoming centre (where I got to cuddle a stray puppy!), a community protest (where I became a makeshift babysitter for an interviewee’s very energetic toddler), a busy TV gallery, and a TV studio (that felt familiar because I’d seen it on telly since I was a kid!)

Dad’s birthday meal

We had a lovely meal at George’s Great British Kitchen in Nottingham on the 16th, for my Dad’s birthday. It’s somewhere I’d wanted to try for ages, so it was lovely to finally go there!

I opted for the fish and chips, and ended up leaving a ridiculous amount because the portions are HUGE!

The playlist was amazing, with the likes of Blossoms and David Bowie serenading us through the stereo as we ate.

And, they were kind enough to surprise Dad with a pile of warm churros, a huge cloud of candyfloss, and lashings of syrup spelling out ‘Happy Birthday!’ too!

A couple of trips to Carsington

You know when you’ve had a really busy week, and you need to get away somewhere serene for a little while at the weekend? One of my favourite picturesque places to get away to is Carsington Water (which I’ve written about a few times before, I know….) I ventured there, not once, but twice in October.

Despite the fact it was freezing, I relished the opportunity for some peace, stillness, and to get creative with my camera. It was bliss. (Even if the photos turned out rubbish!)

Getting an Apple Watch!

My Fitbit fell apart, for the second time in a year; just out of warranty too. And they weren’t that helpful when it came to fixing it.

So, I caved and bought myself an Apple Watch Series 1, which I’m loving so far!

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Listened To:

Two Non Blondes
Ctrl Alt Delete
Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio
5 live Investigates (The podcast version of a radio show I had the pleasure of working on last year. It’s really good, check it out!)



Travelled To:

• Nottingham. (An awful lot.)
• Carsington. (As I mentioned above!)

The October Reading List:

How to Find Blog Post Inspiration – Kate La Vie

Glossier, Social Media and The Changing Face of Beauty – The Pool

Inside the Renovation of a 19th-Century Home in London – Vogue

We Need to Teach Our Sons Not to Rape – The Pool

Love Bombing: The Seemingly Romantic Dating Tactic You Need to Watch Out For – The Debrief

Do I Have the Body to be a Fashion Blogger? – Lucy Moon

Highlights of October:

• The beautiful colours of the leaves.
• Getting to make my room a little cosy haven* with tons of candles and pretty fairy lights.
• Caving and getting Amazon Prime. (So, I can still spend too much money on rubbish I definitely don’t need, but at least it arrives the next day…)
• My beautiful Bloom & Wild Jasmine bouquet brightening things up.
• The little pup (pictured below) generally being cute and making me laugh all the time.
• Glossier launching in the UK! (Belated first impressions post coming soon!)

*(definitely not a den)

Some Snaps from October:
Let’s revisit the monthly goals:

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that most months I set out a series of goals of things I want to achieve. (Find out what they were here!)

So, did I meet them? In a nutshell, no…

Did I blog more? HA, no! Sorry about that, but other things got in the way a bit.

‘Spend less money’ was another one. And I can definitely confirm, after splurging on: an Apple Watch, several new books (that I’ll probably never get round to reading), a Glossier order, and other random bits and bobs, that I did not stick to this goal either… Whoops.

‘Stop worrying’ was the only one that I kind of managed to achieve. I’ve been trying the mindfulness app, Headspace, before bed. Despite being a bit dubious about whether spending 10 mins meditating would work, I’m actually impressed! Worry often stops me from sleeping, even if I’m exhausted, and Headspace enabled me to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. (And I didn’t feel as daft as I thought I would, so it’s a double win!)

As for the whole days out thing? Nope, didn’t manage that either. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not been a homebird recently; but I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other things, rather than getting to tick those places off my travel wish list. There’s always November though, eh?

How was your October? 

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October: The Month in Review