8 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Christmas

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It’s nearly Christmas! (If you hadn’t already guessed.) I’m uncharacteristically excited about the big day, so I thought I’d take you through what’s getting me so hyped about the festive period…

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Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the only time of the year where I can legitimately stuff my face and not feel too guilty about it, because it’s Christmas and it’s perfectly okay to eat your bodyweight in Celebrations and then a big turkey dinner, and then Viennetta, and then yet more Celebrations, and then leftovers, and then Celebrations for dessert.

And it also gives you an opportunity to put your feet up if you’re like me, and so bad at cooking, that you’re deemed too much of a liability to be allowed into the kitchen.

Unless it’s to sneak in and help yourself to yet more Celebrations from the tin…


Pretty Decorations

I’m an simple creature, therefore: I like pretty lights. The festive period means heaps of lights are scattered about everywhere. It makes me happy. (See? Told you I was simple.)

There are two houses opposite each other in my hometown who always get super competitive. It’s fantastic to watch them go to town, to try and ‘win’, even though they presumably spend the rest of the year paying their sky-high electricity bills off.

Christmas, Hot Chocolate, Cosy, Lights, Bed, Bloggers, British, UK, English Blogs, Katie Writes Blog, Katie Writes,

Christmas Markets

Last year, I went to my first ever Christmas Market, which was the lovely German market at Manchester.

If I could, there are loads I’d love to visit this year. I’ve started compiling a list, in Word. An actual list, of festive Markets… (Yeah, that’s really the kind of person I’ve become.)

So far, I’ve only managed to tick Nottingham off the list, but there’s still time.


Christmas Shopping (& Sales!!)

Man, do I love a good Boxing Day sale. Not enough to get up at 4am or queue outside Next in a sleeping bag, mind. But enough to actually leave the house despite sporting the mother of all food babies from the previous day’s overindulgence.

I can’t resist a bargain, mainly because it makes spending money I can’t afford to spend much more justifiable. (Who needs to save up precious pennies for their own house, anyway?)



I mean, who can honestly say that they don’t like receiving presents?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy buying them, and giving them to other people too. It’s lovely to see their faces light up, or to see them put their best acting skills on show as they desperately pretend to like whatever rubbish I’ve bought them.

It’s just wrapping I struggle with. True to form, you’ll find me covered in sellotape every single Christmas Eve. I’m like a fly in a massive spider’s web made of tape.

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Yes, they started playing Christmas songs on the radio in the middle of November. Did I embrace it? Hell, yes.

There are even two dedicated Christmas song radio stations. I’d normally be a Scrooge about this, but I have LOVED the festive songs being dug out this year! (Even if everyone else has failed to appreciate my shower-based renditions of All I Want For Christmas Is You…)

And yes, I am writing this blog post with the Magic Christmas radio station blasting out from the radio on my desk.



In my eyes, it isn’t Christmas without a copy of the Radio Times special adorning the coffee table.

When I was a kid, I used to go through and circle the programmes I wanted to watch over the festive period and New Year. (And no, I didn’t have many friends.)

You get all the lovely Christmas specials, cheesy films, the Queen’s speech, and of course, the fantastically miserable EastEnders Christmas episode… (Admittedly, I am that still that annoying journalist-type who makes my family sit through the news though. Sorry…)


Photo Ops

Christmas is a prime opportunity to get snapping, especially for someone like me who’s obsessed with sticking cameras (yeah, plural) in people’s faces. Sorry about that. (Who am I kidding? I’m not sorry.)

My family’ll be thanking me when they’ve got an album full of every single Christmas dinner they’ve eaten since 1997 printed in chronological order.


What are you looking forward to this festive season?
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