5 TV Programmes I’m Looking Forward to This Christmas

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In this teeny blog post, I’m going to take you through some of the TV programmes I’m looking forward to this festive season!

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The League of Gentlemen

Ohh, am I excited about this one! After the best part of two decades away, we’re going back to Royston Vasey for Christmas.

The first of three episodes aired last night, and it was even better than I could ever have imagined!

I’ve been a fan of this warped sitcom since I was far too young to be watching that kind of thing. And, while it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, if you’ve got a dark sense of humour, you should definitely catch up on iPlayer before the next visit to the locals tonight!

(It’s also filmed in Derbyshire! So I am local, thankfully.)

Mary, Mel & Sue’s Christmas Party

Need I say anymore? I loved these three on Bake Off, and while I eventually got used to Noel, Sandi & Prue, it wasn’t quite the same, was it? I can’t wait for Mary, Mel and Sue to get back together, and I can’t be the only one.

And while we’re on the subject of Bake Off…

The Great British Bake Off Christmas Special

It’s back for Christmas! Even though it is still on Channel 4. But, most excitingly…

Val’s back! If that’s not enough to make you tune in, then I don’t know what will. (Aside from GBBO heading back to the Beeb – but I should probably just let it go now, shouldn’t I?)


I’m slightly ashamed of admitting to this one, but it’s not Christmas in our household without revelling in the misery of fictional Cockney strangers.

They’ve really hyped it up this year, with the downfall of Mucky Max, and Phil Mitchell getting all tough and gangster-y again. And with the fantastic John Yorke back at the helm, it’s probably going to be a bit more interesting than the bin-chat that’s dominated the soap for the past few months.

Our Friend Victoria at Christmas

This heartfelt series focusses on the work of comedienne Victoria Wood, who sadly died last year.

Her celebrity fans and frequent collaborators talk about their favourite aspects of her extensive comedy work. The Christmas special is all about her many Christmas specials, which I personally can’t wait for, as I’m a big fan!


What TV programmes are you looking forward to watching this Christmas?

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5 TV Programmes I’m Looking Forward to This Christmas