5 Tips for Sleeping Soundly this Christmas Eve

So you don't fall asleep on your spuds.

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Christmas Eve is nearly upon us! I don’t know about you, but I tend to struggle with sleep at the best of times. Before Christmas Day, it’s even harder to settle down. There’s often a heady mixture of stress, excitement, and anticipation that can make it hard to switch off. Here are a few basic tips for getting a better night’s sleep before the big day:

Cut down on the caffeine

This goes without saying really, doesn’t it? While caffeine is great for helping you stay awake, it does keep you awake at night. So, a few hours before bed, stop drinking anything with caffeine in it: obviously coffee, some teas, and even chocolate! Instead, have a drink that’s caffeine-free, like herbal tea or water. (Don’t be tempted to have decaf either, as it still has some caffeine in it!)

Pop Some Earplugs In

Just in case you’re a light sleeper and don’t want the sound of Santa landing on your roof waking you up…

I tend to buy Howard Leight earplugs from Amazon*, because I’ve got some noisy neighbours and they’re the best I’ve found for blocking the sound out. (Yeah, it’s sad that I’ve researched earplugs and shopped around the buy the best, I know.) But, if you’re desperate, a lot of supermarkets also sell packs of Quies foam earplugs, which are pretty good too!

Wind down

Implement a proper wind down routine – something that tells your brain that it’s time to start relaxing. It can be as simple as a quick 5 minute shower and flicking through a few pages of a good book to get you drifting off, or going the whole hog with a bathtub full of Lush goodies, all the candles, and a big mug of tea (herbal, obviously!) – basically a full-on pamper sesh, before bed. Whatever you’re most comfortable with!

Make your bedroom as much of a cosy space as possible. Light some candles, if that helps. Dim the lights, or use fairy lights instead. Get the temperature of your room right. Cut blue light out by keeping screen time to a minimum. If they’re bothering you, write down any worries about the following day. Just relax.

Banish the boxsets

I know how easy it is to fall down a boxset rabbit hole, and end up staying awake hours later than you’d planned because you repeatedly told yourself that you’d watch just one more episode. But, you’re going to be yawning all the way through Christmas Day if you don’t have the self-discipline to say ‘no’ to another ep.

And while there are also going to be Christmas Specials that are going to tempt you to stay up, there’s always catch-up, isn’t there?

Be prepared

Are you one of those people who always leaves present wrapping until the very last minute? Yeah, me too. Most Christmas Eve evenings are spent covered in sellotape from the hasty wrapping and ink from all the hurriedly-written gift tags.

So, start your wrapping as early as possible. If you still have no choice but to leave it until the last minute, at least make sure it’s the morning of Christmas Eve, rather than the evening; when you should be winding down.

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5 Tips for Sleeping Soundly this Christmas Eve