2017: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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How have we reached the end of 2017 already? It honestly seems like five minutes ago since we toasted the new year in, and it’s only a few hours until we’ll be doing it again! I was going to write one of my letter posts to the year, but it came across as a bit bitter and twisted, so I thought I’d try to focus predominantly on the good instead, with – you guessed it – a list!

To call 2017 challenging would be an understatement. It’s been really tough to get through, and I’m pretty relieved that I’ve got the chance to start afresh tomorrow. But, in the interests of keeping things light, let’s start with the good, shall we?

2017, Roundup, ©Katiewrites.co.uk

The Good Bits of 2017
  • Having a blog redesign, and moving over to WordPress, thanks to the lovely Phil at Pipdig!
  • Getting to go on a fantastic work placement with the BBC in TV!
  • Taking my photography more seriously, and gradually upgrading my kit.
  • Investing in a new pro-level, full-frame DSLR and a beautiful pro-level lens too!
  • Going to The Photography Show for the first time! (Read about it here!)
  • Getting a new phone!
  • Spending my birthday in the beautiful city of York.
  • Having afternoon tea at Bettys for my birthday, again.
  • Travelling to the seaside for the first time in years!
  • Trying my hand at film photography. (With some pretty mixed results, admittedly.)
  • Feeling stronger than ever before, after a pretty iffy year.
  • Getting tickets to see The League of Gentlemen live next year!
  • Gaining perspective and finally seeing some toxic people for what they are.
  • Having valuable time off social media to do more meaningful things that don’t include gawping at a screen all the time.
  • Discovering some fantastic new music. (My favourite album this year has been Blossoms by Blossoms, FYI.)
  • Finally getting my blogging mojo back, after one hell of a slump.
The Bad Bits
  • Getting ill a lot more than usual.
  • Everyone else around me being ill more too.
  • Feeling in on my birthday in York, as I was starting to come down with a chest infection.
  • Witnessing the immediate aftermath of a tragic car accident where two people died, and feeling utterly helpless as I rang 999.
  • Having more migraines than ever before.
  • Becoming even worse at replying to people. (Sorry!)
  • My acne and eczema getting so bad that I’ve barely been wearing makeup.
  • Dropping my Kindle in the bath. (Whoops.)
  • Putting my back out for the first time, and spending a good couple of weeks hobbling around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • My computer breaking, and having to take three trips to the Apple Store (40 miles away!) to get it fixed, because no-one took me seriously when I told them what was wrong with it the first time.
  • Making fewer YouTube videos, because my computer can’t handle editing video anymore.
  • Being told I was second choice for a job I really wanted.
The Downright Ugly Bits
  • My anxiety levels spiking over the summer as I ended up reliving the ordeal of two years ago.
  • Logging into social media less and losing a few people from my life as a consequence, many of whom I never thought would be callous enough to walk away.
  • Someone from the past coming back to cause heaps of trouble and stress.
Can we end on a positive note?

I really hate ending this post on such a bitter note, so here’s a bonus good point (albeit a proper cheesy one):

♥ You! It still amazes me that people want to read my inane ramblings. So, thank you! ♥

To end, I really hope that you’ve had a great 2017, and that your 2018 is incredible too! Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve! Happy New Year, lovelies!


How’s your year been?

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