10 Things To Do For Yourself This Year

Being kind to yourself has never sounded so simple.

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In need of a fresh start? Here are ten ideas for New Year’s Resolutions that you can make for yourself this year!

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1. Make Sleep a Priority

Make 2018 the year where you focus properly on sleep. We waste so much time watching boxsets, or checking our phones and tablets, which often eats into our valuable sleeping time. (Hands up if you’re also a blogger who’s guilty of writing blog posts well into the night.)

Pamper yourself. Implement a proper bedtime routine that tells your body that it’s time to rest. Make your room as cosy as possible. Try meditating. Do what works for you to get more Zzzs into your life.

2. Take Up a New Hobby

You know that thing you’ve been meaning to try for aaagesss now? Try it this year! What’s stopping you from actually doing it in 2018? Absolutely nothing. Whether it’s something as simple as learning to sew, taking a photography course, or even going bungee jumping – Give it a go! You deserve it!

Oh, and if you’re reading this having always been too trepidatious to try blogging – Do it this year! It’s a fantastic hobby. ­čśë

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3. Give Yourself a Break at Bedtime

We all spend way too much time on our phones these days, don’t we? Towards the end of last year, I tried something pretty radical – I starting leaving my phone at the other side of my room to charge overnight, and I switched it off a couple of hours before bed too. It’s such a relief to have a break from it!

If you’re one of those people that still can’t resist picking your phone up to check your emails, or refresh Twitter, or endlessly scroll down your Instagram feed, then just switch it off. You’ll feel so much better for it! (And you’ll probably get to bed earlier too.)

Giving yourself time away from your gadgets will give you precious time to recharge those batteries of yours.

4. Cut Out the Toxic People

We’ve all got people in our lives that we could do without. Whether it’s someone who’s always using you when they want something, someone who messes you about, or someone who always drags you down instead of lifting you up. Basically, you should phase out all the people who make you feel bad about yourself.

It might be really tough to start saying ‘no’ to them, and to gradually cut them out of your life, but you’ll feel happier once you’re spending less energy on people who don’t deserve it.

5. Read More

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a pile of books to read that’s about as tall as I am. I’m pretty bad for buying books and then never getting round to reading them.

So, I’m making a vow to read more; to plough through that reading list by making a conscious effort to spend more time with my nose in a good book. Who’s with me?

(And if you don’t have a massive book pile, this article’s got a handy list of some good books that are coming out this year that you won’t want to miss!)

6. Nourish Yourself

2018 is the year where you can learn to cook properly, or if you can already do that (pat on the back) to feed yourself foods that will make you feel better. Nourish yourself with the foods that your body needs, rather than the ones that you think that you need – that actually aren’t that good for you.

Take baby steps with it too! Last year, I decided to cut certain unhealthy foods out of my diet entirely, but I tried it just for a week. Then two weeks. Then a month. Now, it’s six months down the line; a milestone I never thought I’d reach, but I’m proud of myself for doing it! If I can do it, so can you, lovely reader.

(And don’t beat yourself up if you have a bag of chips every now and again – you’re only human.)

7. Spend Less Time Online

It’s incredibly beneficial to spend less time online. We’re bombarded with streams of information from the moment we wake up, often before we’ve even climbed out from under the duvet, and it continues until we put our phones under our pillow at night (or over on the other side of the room, eh?)

The Internet’s not always a nice place. There’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, and it arrives before our very eyes within seconds, thanks to the web.

So, log into social media less, scroll less, check your phone less.

Allocate time frames for checking and scrolling. And stick to them. It might seem a bit regimented, but you’ll feel happier if you’re spending less time reading about what bad state the world’s currently in via the BBC News app or Twitter.

8. Celebrate Your Achievements More

2018 is the year where you should pat yourself on the back more. I think, as British people, we’re not wired for blowing our own trumpets, but we should do! If you’ve got exams, celebrate getting through them. If you’ve passed your driving test, or are graduating, bloomin’ well celebrate it!

If you hit a blog milestone, or plough through that reading list, or get through a bad day – pat yourself on the back, because you deserve it! It’s about time we started being easier on ourselves. Big or small achievement, you deserve to praise yourself.

9. Explore More

Write a list of all the places you want to visit. Pop them in categories of ‘Far away’, ‘Fairly close’, and ‘Local’ and every day that you can, try and visit one of them. Tick those places off your list!

Whether it’s a new cafe you’re desperate to try, or a landmark you’re dying to photograph – Get out there and see the world! (Even if it is just down the road.)

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10. Support Others & Be Kind

In this modern, busy society, it can be far too simple to focus solely on ourselves. Being selfish might be really easy, but it’s also important to remember to be kind. (I don’t need to tell you that, do I?)

We live in a really individualistic world, so do something nice for somebody else every day, if you can. Text that friend who needs support, look into volunteering, share that small blogger’s post, check in on that frail elderly neighbour, buy a coffee for a homeless person. Give something back, and the world might just return the favour one day.

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