January Goals & My Wishes for 2018

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It’s January! Which means it’s time for a fresh start! Even though I don’t set myself New Year’s Resolutions anymore, I always relish the start of a new year as a time to wipe the slate clean and get myself motivated again. So, here’s what’s on my agenda this January!

The January Goals:

Take photography more seriously

Last year, I realised how important photography was to me. It helps to calm me down during stressful times and anxious phases, plus it gives me something creative to focus on (no pun intended!) 

I’m hoping to take it even more seriously than ever before. I’d absolutely adore to try different types of photography, like: portraiture, landscape, food, lifestyle, fashion, wedding – Just a bit of everything, really!

So, I’d really love to build up a varied portfolio, to help hone my skills even further; and I’ve got an idea that might enable me do this…. 😉

Focus on mental & physical health.

Last year, I was pretty much constantly ill with something or other, which is really unlike me. It was horrible!

This month, I’m aiming to try and stay as healthy as possible, by finding ways to boost my immune system.

As for the mental health bit – I’m going to try and learn how to relax. (Because I’m terrible at that!) Anyone who knows me will be aware of the fact that I’m constantly a ball of stress.

Getting stressed all the time and worrying about everything, big or small, does me no good, and it probably plays a pretty big part in making my immune system weaker too.

Keep to a better sleep schedule.

As you’re going to find out pretty soon in a upcoming blog post, I sleep terribly, and I desperately want to change that.

I’m spending far too much money on coffee and concealer as a consequence, so I’d really love to stick to a proper regime.

I’ve been running on empty for YEARS. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have issues with sleeping. And, I’m acutely aware that such poor sleep probably doesn’t help my immune system either.

Recently, I’ve been reading Sleep by Nick Littlehales, which has taught me so much already; and I’m nowhere near the end yet! I’m really hoping that once I’ve implemented what I’ve learned from this book, I’ll be sleeping like a baby!

Be more organised.

There was once a time when I was renowned for my utterly exceptional organisation skills. Now, I feel like I’m a floundering mess.

I’ve already filled in my colour-coded spreadsheet-based blog editorial calendar up to mid-February, and also resurrected my bullet journal just for blogging ideas and plotting.

However, we’re only five days into the year (at the time of writing) andddd I’ve fallen behind on the schedule already. (Still, at least there’s plenty of time to turn things around, right?)

My Wishes for 2018*

  • That people will realise that social media is not the place to air their racist views. (Nor is it acceptable anywhere.)
  • That the world can be a kinder place this year. (It feels like the world’s becoming a crueller place. As a species, we’re becoming nastier and more individualistic than ever before. Or maybe that’s just me? Perhaps I’m just noticing it more?)
  • That we could all be a little kinder to ourselves too. (I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at that self-kindness malarkey.)
  • That people who’ve been treated badly by others can find the strength to walk away and move on in a positive direction.
  • That the small minority of pervy men in existence will learn to keep their hands to themselves and their sexist mouths shut. (Sorry, not sorry.)
  • That the world doesn’t descend into nuclear war. (I’m looking at you, Kim. And you too, Donald. Although, I’m very doubtful that two world leaders will take any notice of a very small blogger from Derbyshire.)


*(That almost certainly won’t come true.)


What are your plans this January?


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