Interiors: A Dreamy Bedroom Wish List!

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It’s been a while since I last wrote about interiors, isn’t it? In fact, it’s almost a year since the first (and only) post from The Decor Diaries series

That’s mainly because things have halted, due to personal issues that I won’t bother boring you with. If you’re after a long-awaited update though, here it is. (Well, just a little bit further down, anyway.)

But, barely any progress doesn’t stop me from lusting over pretty things to decorate my room with, does it?


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I’m aiming for white walls, while adding splashes of pastel colour through items like cushions and throws. As for furniture, I’m planning on turning all of that white too. My desk and new chest of drawers (pictured) are new, but I’ve still got the bookcase and wardrobe to go. I’d absolutely adore having a dressing table to apply my makeup at too, but there’s no room, sadly. So, it’s back to the bathroom clutching my makeup bag with my tail between my legs.

The embellishments I’m drawn to are mainly marble, copper, or rose gold, because let’s face it: I’m a pretty basic blogger type, aren’t I? Would you really expect any less?

A quick Decor Diaries update!

My walls right now resemble an explosion in a paint factory – There are some patches of white, which have been left unattended for months now. The majority of the room is still blue and lilac.

Half of one wall (which took FIVE coats of paint to cover) is finally white. You might have seen that teeny corner of my room popping up in an awful amount of blog photos over the past few months! (Like the one above!)¬†One other wall has a few lines of white, and that’s it for now.

Because I still live at home (sorry, Mum and Dad) and my Dad reckons (and I quote) that: “I’m not to be trusted with a paint roller because I’d make a colossal mess” I’ve no choice but to leave it to those more competent to complete. I’m 26, by the way.

(In my defence, I don’t reckon I’d be that bad, plus Dad’s got a few drips of white paint on the beautiful wooden floorboards – So clumsiness with paint must be hereditary.)

Shall I just stop talking and let the pretty things do the talking instead?

Interiors picks that I’m totally lusting after:
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Have you beaten my record of re-decorating one room for roughly eight months?
Let me know below!

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Interiors: A Dreamy Bedroom Wish List!