Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #13

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Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off on a positive note, with a little list of things that have made me happy over the past seven days!

The Happy List:

It snowed! Yesterday, I opened my curtains to be greeted with the white stuff, once again!

Video editing. I finally started working on a video that’s been in the pipeline, and Final Cut Pro timeline, since last June!

Lists. I’ve been writing lists of places I want to visit, cafes & restaurants I want to try, places & things I want to photograph, blog posts I want to write, and things I want to do! (I basically live for lists, if you hadn’t already guessed.)

Stories. After reading this fantastic post, I’ve been downloading lots of new apps to try to make my Instagram Stories way better! I’m really enjoying experimenting at the moment.

Trip. I’ve booked my ticket to this year’s Photography Show in Birmingham, which I’m really excited about! (I wrote about it last year here!)

Music. I’ve been trawling through Spotify over the past seven days, discovering fantastic new songs, and rediscovering old ones I used to love.

Clear head. I actually managed to go a whole week without having a migraine! This is such a big deal for me, because I’ve been getting at least one every week for months.

Clear skin. My acne has died down after flaring up again! Definitely a reason for celebration!

Books. I’ve been ploughing through that massive reading list this week, and I also got some more great book recommendations from my lovely followers on Instagram.

VSCO X. After a free trial, I caved and got VSCO X. My favourite feature so far is that I can edit video with VSCO filters!

BuJo. You know how my bullet journalling failed abysmally last year? Well, I revived it to help organise all things blogging, and I’m really enjoying using it now! (Even if it’s nowhere near as pretty, neat or artistic as the ones you see on Pinterest!)

Here’s a little list of songs, old and new, that I’ve been loving recently:


What put a smile on your face last week?

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