Why (& How) You Should Switch Off This Easter Weekend

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We live in an increasingly busy world, and we could all benefit from a digital detox every now and again. So, join me in closing that laptop and putting your phone down for a couple of days. (After you’ve read this blog post, of course!)

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I’ve briefly written before about how beneficial I’ve found a digital detox. I honestly can’t recommend them enough! And this Easter Bank Holiday weekend seems like the perfect opportunity to switch off and enjoy the ‘real world’ a little!

Here’s how to have a digital detox this Easter Weekend:


Detox, Digital Detox, Vogue Magazine, Everything I Know About Love, Dolly Alderton, Reading, Flatlay, Books, Magazines, Katie Writes, Katie Writes Blog, ©Katiewrites.co.uk

Power down.

Close the laptop. Power down the desktop. Step away from your desk!

If you’re a blogger, schedule your posts in advance, or have a mini blogging break. If you’re brave enough, switch the phone off too! (Go on, live a little!) 

And if you can’t quite bring yourself to do that?

Limit when you check your phone, and what for.

If you feel completely lost without your device, and can’t go without it completely, then limit yourself to small nuggets of time on social media, and for checking emails too. (Better still, pop your out of office on!)

Rationing screen time might not seem like fun, but it’ll actually keep you in control of your phone, as opposed to the other way around.

It reduces the amount of time you spend scrolling incessantly past things that don’t really matter, in the grand scheme of things. It gives you a chance to feel refreshed from the constant bombardment of information that technology and social media pelt us with.

Try and go without it completely, though – If you can face it!

Log yourself out of troublesome apps.

Always checking emails? Obsessing over Twitter? Forever scrolling on Instagram? Log yourself out then!

That way, it gives you a few valuable seconds, when you reopen the app, to contemplate whether you really need to have yet another quick scroll. (Spoiler: you honestly don’t.)

Take back control.

I’ve been using a really useful app called Moment for the last few weeks. It tells me exactly how long I use my phone for each day, and the results are pretty horrifying. Barely a day’s gone by where I haven’t been ashamed at the amount of time I spend staring at my iPhone. (In all honesty, I’m even writing this blog post on it right now!)

Moment also tells you how many times you pick it up and unlock it. Mine averages at about 50-70 times a day! All the more reason to give yourself a break from technology this weekend, eh?

(Psst! If you’re on Android, Forest seems like an interesting app to try!)

Give yourself something else to do.

Do something ‘analogue’ to distract yourself from the online world. Crack the Yoga mat out, get reading, or even go for a walk. (Provided it doesn’t snow again!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a huge reading list that you never seem to quite tackle. Use this little detox as an opportunity to curl up with a good book or magazine. To try something new that you’ve been putting off for ages. To immerse yourself in all the old hobbies you stopped having time to lose yourself in once your gadgets came along.

Remember that you’re probably missing out on less than you think you are, and also that you’re entitled to a break! (Let’s face it: The world isn’t going to end because you took an extra day to reply to that tweet, or if you failed to post an Instagram photo of your Easter egg.)


I’m off to go and have my own little digital detox now! Hope you’re having a lovely Easter!

Why (& How) You Should Switch Off This Easter Weekend