The Joy of Bank Holidays

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Whether you spend it in a beer garden, on the sofa, or getting out, there’s something so relaxing about bank holidays. (Provided you’re not working, of course.)

I wanted to do something different on the blog today. Something a bit more back to basics. So I thought a little diary post might do the trick. It’s about time we had a catch-up, isn’t it?

As I’m writing this, it’s misty, murky, and dull. All we need is some drizzle and then it’d definitely feel like a bank holiday.

There are no great plans for today, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather this weekend, so I’m relishing the chance to take things at a slower pace. Maybe I’ll try and get down my huge reading list a bit, or do a little bloggy admin, or perhaps I’ll just sit on the sofa and plough through my burgeoning Netflix watch list.

(Is it shameful to admit I’m quite excited for the Car Share finale tonight too?)

It also occurred to me at the weekend that it’s this blog’s fourth birthday next weekend, so I’m wondering what to do to celebrate. Is it something really worth celebrating? (I mean, I’m hardly Zoella, am I?)

For once, I might cave into a blogger stereotype and get a foil number-shaped balloon. (You heard it here first.)

I’ll stop writing now, as I think I’m even boring myself… Whatever you’re doing today, have a good’un!

(P.S. That picture is quite random, I know. I took it at the weekend, in a pretty little Derbyshire village called Little Eaton. The phone box itself is now a book exchange, so villagers can take their old books and exchange them for others, which is a lovely idea. Plus, I love this gorgeous blossom tree hanging over it.)

The Man On The Bridge
The Joy of Bank Holidays