A Few Blog Posts I’ve Been Loving This Month (So Far!)

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Excuse the completely irrelevant picture! This is just a little post from me today, seeing as I’ve been a massive idiot and managed to lock myself out of this blog for four hours tonight. (Smart move, Katie. Smart move…) Add in a mardy Mac and an unreliable Internet connection, and you’ve got the ball of stress that I currently am. So, I’ve not really had the time to chip away at anything particularly considerable. Hence this post.

Seeing as I’ve not got long before midnight (I mean, I’m writing this at 11:12pm…) I thought I’d share a few posts from other bloggers that I’ve been loving so far this month. Whether it’s because they’re funny, informative, or because the photography is beautiful – Enjoy!

From Good to Ad // Sophia Rosemary

A Mini Guide to Porto // WishWishWish

I Love It When No-One Cares // Mossonyi

Chocolate & Salted Caramel Pretzel Layer Bars // The Lovecats Inc.

The Autumn Makeup Essential: The Tawny Peach Lip // The Anna Edit

Where To Focus Your Online Presence Right Now // Hannah Gale

I’m off for a lie down now!


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A Few Blog Posts I’ve Been Loving This Month (So Far!)