Floundering & Tech Problems: A Little Blogtober Update

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Last time I did Blogtober, back in 2016, around halfway through I wrote a little update. (If you fancy a trip down memory lane, here it is!)

So I thought I’d do the same again, because the experience has been quite different this time around.

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If I’m being honest, it’s a bit harder than last time around because my Mac’s hard drive is failing. It’s not really working at all. (Just clicking on something can make it crash for half an hour or more.)

Blogging without your computer is seriously hard. Thankfully I’ve got my old laptop to hand, but I can’t edit photos as easily or access most of my files, which does make blogging quite a bit more difficult.

Of course, it only started failing at the start of this month, didn’t it? Perfect timing and all that.

I can’t check my (colour-coded) editorial calendar, because it’s on my Mac. So I’ve no idea which posts are going out and when. I’m a bit lost, and feel like I’m floundering now.

My mind’s so foggy that I don’t really have any valuable or eloquent words left to say* – Hence this ramble.

Anyway, enough of the moaning…

*When have I ever, to be fair?

I have honestly enjoyed it, so far. Particularly in the first week with posts like the Bettys one and the York Photo Diaries too.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t finding it tiring the further we stumble into the month. I’ve well and truly hit the brick wall that I hit last time, and I’ve hit it earlier this time around. Way earlier.

Yep, I’m still lacking inspiration. Yep, I’m feeling under the weather. Yep, I’m still finding it hard to motivate myself to write, which is why a lot of posts are going out later in the day than they were in the first week. I’m finding it tougher to juggle the blog, and things like Instagram, and sleeping, and y’know, life in general.

Yet, despite feeling like I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, and not being able to get an appointment to try and get my computer fixed for ages, I’m still enjoying Blogtober!


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