7 Photography YouTubers You Should Watch Today

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Back in the day, I used to exclusively watch beauty channels on YouTube, but nowadays I barely stray from photography content. Here are five of the photography YouTubers that teach me something new, entertain me, and leave me feeling inspired. I think you might like them too! (Provided that you’re also a photography nerd):

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Ian Wong / Digital Darkroom Series // If you’re interested in film photography, you should definitely check out Ian Wong. He is so wise and incredibly knowledgeable about the theory behind photography. He used to be part of the DigitalRevTV team, but since he left he’s been making the Digital Darkroom series. Every single episode teaches me something new and leaves me feeling totally inspired to get out there with my film camera. // Find Ian’s channel here.

Kai W & Lok Cheung Too! // Talking of Digital Rev, these two are the original twosome from the channel. Since leaving last year, they’ve both gone on to develop their own personal YouTube channels, each focussing (no pun intended) on photography. A lot of their videos are gear-orientated, so if you’re looking for something a bit artsier, they’re probably not for you. (But I personally love their bromance and no-nonsense reviews of the newest photography equipment on offer!) // Find Kai here and Lok here!

James Popsys // This is probably the latest photography channel I’ve discovered. James never fails to make me laugh. His vlogs typically take you out and about on shoot with him. He’s never afraid to show you when things go wrong and explain why, and he’s always the first to laugh at himself too. Add in his really interesting and abstract perspective on photography, and you’ve got a winning, and unique, photography channel! // Find James on YouTube here.

Jamie Windsor // Jamie doesn’t make YouTube videos too often; his day job is being a wedding photographer. The videos he does put out, though, are so intriguing, interesting, and again, unique. From videos on gear (but with his own unique take on it) to videos heavily focussing on the theory behind photography – you definitely go away from each of Jamie’s videos having learned something new. (He’s also the main reason that I recently bought a Canon 5D Mark I, by the way!) // Find Jamie’s channel here.

Thomas Heaton // I love a good Thomas Heaton video! If you haven’t heard of him yet, Thomas is a landscape photographer based up North. He travels around the UK (and sometimes further afield too) in his campervan taking shots of the beautiful landscapes this country has to offer. He tells stories in his videos; stories that keep you hooked and leave you feeling really inspired by the end. If watching one of Thomas’s videos doesn’t make you want to grab your camera and get out there, I don’t know what will. // Find Thomas on YouTube here.

Joe Allam // Joe is probably the youngest YouTuber on this list (he’s actually the same age as me) but he is already ridiculously well-travelled. His videos focus more on street photography, particularly in other countries. I love the Jelly Journeys travel series that he shoots with his girlfriend, Elly. (They also have a blog with the same name, which you should definitely check out too!) As well as heaps of travel content, he also does the odd tutorial too! If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend watching his recent Scotland videos! // Find him on YouTube here.

There are so many more photography YouTubers that I watch regularly (and love) but we’d be here all day if I went through them all!

Which photography YouTubers do you love?

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