Diary: The Temptation To Quit Blogging

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What a dramatic title, eh?

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[left]It’s 2018 and a large swathe of my favourite bloggers have quit recently. I can see why.

Blogging is taking a hit, generally. Yes, there are plenty who are bucking the trend. In all honesty, I’m not one of them.

Many of us aren’t doing as well as we once were, and it’s heartbreaking.

I’ve never claimed to be a ‘good’ blogger and I’m perfectly aware of my own shortcomings – perhaps too much – as that, coupled with my ridiculous perfectionism, often deters me from actually publishing posts. (For example, there are 258 unfinished posts sitting in my drafts. How daft is that?) 

I thought Blogtober might help. I thought it might reignite my love for blogging. And, on some days, it has. On others, however, it’s had exactly the opposite effect.

Today is one of those days.

I’ve been feeling tired. Mentally and physically. I’ve been trying really hard to make these blog posts as good as they possibly can be, in the little time I have to write and edit them, but they don’t seem to be doing as well as I hoped.

I’m just fed up, to be honest.

Staying up well into the night to write these posts, when a lot of them are flopping, is so utterly disheartening that it’s made me feel like there’s little point even bothering anymore.

I know that there’s one school of thought that says that bloggers should write for themselves and themselves only and if other people like that then it’s an added bonus.

BUT, I’m a massive people-pleaser, so I’ve spent my whole life bending over backwards trying to please other people. Even complete strangers on the internet. No offence, and all that… [/left] [right]And I know I’m being whiny, and moany. I apologise for that.

I felt it was the right thing to do: to be honest and admit how I feel. Plus, I’ve no motivation to actually stick to my editorial calendar and this mess was the only thing that sprang to mind. Again, sorry.

If we’re being brutally honest, I’ve come close to quitting blogging on several occasions over the past couple of years.

The longer I do it, and the less engagement I get out of it, the more tempted I am to quit.

And it’s not meant to be some thinly veiled threat that if you don’t start appreciating me, I’ll quit. It’s not. Please don’t take it that way. (I think this is all just the Blogtober mind fog getting to me.)

But it feels like bloggers, big and small alike, are getting bad press. We’re getting tarred with the same brush. We all (or at least the vast majority of us) work a lot harder on our blogs than most people would ever realise. Hours and hours of writing, of editing, of snapping photos, of editing them, of formatting, and proofreading, all before it’s time to sign it off and publish it.

I alluded the other day to how bloggers are taking a hit, stats-wise, and I have noticed that happen to this blog. Big time. Things are dire if we’re being totally and brutally honest. And if other bloggers are experiencing exactly the same dive in numbers then I can completely see why they’ve decided to call it a day. I don’t blame them.

Why wouldn’t you cut your losses and walk away from something that seems like a futile effort?

Rant over.[/right]


In the interests of turning things around and being more positive – rather than having another ‘woe is me’ style meltdown – later this week, there’ll be a post on how you can help your favourite bloggers out. I’ll be sharing some simple ways to support them!


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Diary: The Temptation To Quit Blogging