An Autumn To-Do List

You know me, I love a good list!

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Embracing the Season, mainly by doing clichéd things…

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Go pumpkin picking // This is something I’ve never done before! I didn’t even realise until last week that there’s a pumpkin farm about a twenty minute drive away from home too! So, I’m definitely aiming to get my wellies on and go and grab a pumpkin or two before the month’s out!

Get down that reading list // I’ve been working on this one throughout this month by reading three books already, but I would love to take advantage of the darker, longer evenings by curling up with many a good page-turner. To be fair, I’ve bought so many books I’m yet to read, I’ve probably got enough to see me through to next Spring! (Feel free to send me any good recommendations, though!)

Try a pumpkin spice latte // Is it shameful to admit someone as basic as me has NEVER tried a pumpkin spice latte? I’m aiming to get a taste of Autumn before the month is out – and they’re taken off the menu. (That means it’s almost time for the Christmas menus, doesn’t it? HOW IS THAT ALMOST UPON US?! ALREADY?)

Take some suitably seasonal snaps (before it’s too late!) // I’ve not really been out with my camera at all this month thanks to Blogtober (except for that trip to Castleton & Matlock Bath) so the only Autumnal photos I have are from last year, or even before! (The photo at the top of this post is from 2015, I kid you not.) I want to get some shots of the gorgeously Autumnal colours on the trees before they’re gone!

See a proper fireworks display // As much as I hate fireworks being set off at home because of how much they scare Cookie (is it just in my area that it’s seemingly acceptable to start setting them off in August?) I haven’t actually been to proper display since I was a kid. I’d love to go and see some proper fireworks for once, rather than standing in my garden gawping at the lacklustre ones people on the other side of town set off in their back gardens.

See the Matlock Bath Illuminations (Properly) // If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I’ve been up to Matlock Bath twice over the past few weeks to have a quick nosy at the illuminations brightening up the village. Despite that, I haven’t actually been there early enough to catch the light displays, and seeing as they finish at the weekend (and the fact that I’ve never, ever seen them before! Shameful for a Derbyshire lass, I know…) I’d love to see them before they go!

What’s on your seasonal to-do list?

(If you even have one? I’m pretty sure it’s something I’ve just made up for the purpose of this blog post.)

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